• Maricopa County prosecutors have requested a protection order over the case discovery
  • Jail Intel found several instances of Diegel discussing leaking her discovery with several people
  • Diegel is charged with eight felony counts of child abuse in what is allegedly a case of Munchausen by Proxy

A mother accused of abusing her daughters over a period of three years through unnecessary medical procedures is now accused of having the intention of leaking her case discovery online.

What Happened

According to court documents, Diegel committed medical child abuse by falsifying medical symptoms and diagnoses to obtain unnecessary medical treatments on her two daughters. Diegel lost her parental rights for her two daughters after they were removed from her custody in 2014. The alleged medical abuse the daughters endured is believed to be a case of Munchausen by Proxy (MSP).

Diegel’s case is considered a complex case. According to the “State’s Complex Case Management Plan” the State has “disclosed approximately 10,000 pages of documents thus far” and discovery is still “ongoing.” It is not surprising the case is complex as digging through three years of medical procedures is a tedious and time consuming task. Diegel has yet to provide discovery. Prosecutors believe should the case go to trial that it could take up to eight weeks and includes thirty witnesses for the state.

A Protective Order On Discovery

Diegel has a history of sharing case information to her small social media following that claims her daughters were victims of “medical kidnap.” Aside from deep conspiracies that include a group referred to as the “Secret Handshake Club,” there is little to no evidence to support the medical kidnap claim aside from Diegel’s own testimony.

Prosecutors requested a protective order concerning the discovery to protect the identities and personal information of Diegel’s daughters from being leaked online. After reviewing Diegel’s phone calls from jail, Jail Intel found her discussing leaking discovery with multiple people.

During a call with Diegel’s significant other Steve Reynolds she said “So if the Internet gets these documents I’m gonna be blamed.” Reynolds responds, “Wait a minute honey there ain’t nothing saying you can’t put anything on the Internet.” Diegel responded that “the public has a right to know and since there is fraud involved it makes it very different.”

In another call, Diegel is heard saying, “I give my permission for my evidence that I have on the outside to be used in any way necessary. If they won’t let it in court it’s going to be out online or in the media‚Ķ I can’t wait for the auditory evidence to come out and burn their asses.” During a call to her sister, Diegel agreed with her sister when she said there were “more people on the team who need to see (the discovery).” Diegel responded, “Let me get the documents into my hands and we will go from there.”

Diegel also claimed to have “150 audio recordings” related to the case on a call on June 23, 2019. Some of those audio recordings are believed to be of Diegel’s daughters. With her daughters being two of the witnesses and the two victims in the case, prosecutors have requested for any recordings of the minor victims to be provided to the prosecution.

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Out On Bond

Earlier this year, Diegel was arrested in Florida and extradited to Arizona where she is charged with eight counts of felony child abuse in Maricopa County. Diegel was denied a bond but court documents show a recently approved bond was paid on September 12. Her next appearance is scheduled for November 14.

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  1. What kind of a site is this that only offers the opinions of government officials covering their own crimes ?
    Its weird to be an American seeing people OK with the government trying to hide evidence from public view and the press parroting that view …CREEPY…


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