• Daniel John Lee is a self-declared pastor who preaches hate speech built around his twisted perception of religion
  • Lee’s beliefs are so twisted that a judge ruled he is not able to teach any of his six children religion
  • In his videos, Lee shares his beliefs that women are property, homosexuals are pedophiles and anybody that uses birth control is a Satanist
  • Many of Lee’s videos are based on easily debunked conspiracies that he appears to take literally
  • Recently Lee’s sixth wife left him after only four days of marriage leading to a video where he asked “Yah” to spank her and sent hundreds of texts

Evangelist Daniel John Lee is a self-appointed “apostle of Yahshua the Messiah” who has somehow managed to acquire over 80,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel “dnajlion7” over the course of 12 years of uploading videos. Behind the facade of being an all-knowing righteous leader, Lee, in reality, has a long history of arrests, abusive relationships, hate speech, and an obsession with comical and easily debunked conspiracies.

Torah Restoration Ministries

Lee is the founder of “Torah Restoration Ministries.” It is not clear if the ministry exists outside of the website or if it technically exists at all. According to the website’s about section, the ministry is “not affiliated with ANY denomination.” Instead, the ministry is an “Independent group of believers in Mashiach.”

The about us section goes on to read, “We do not hold the 501C tax exempt status. TRM is NOT partners with the Government and does NOT have a main headquarters in any region of the world. Our head is YahShua the Messiah.” Essentially TRM appears to be nothing more than a low-quality website for Lee to share his deranged conspiracies and twisted perception of religion.

Daniel John Lee The False Prophet

Lee is originally from Leander, Texas, a small city with a population of 26,521 according to the 2010 census. According to Preacher Watch, Lee would meet his first wife, Annika, twenty-some years later in an Internet chat room. In 1999, Lee moved to Eugene, Oregon and enrolled in Guttenberg College but would drop out of school shortly after.

By June 1999, Lee was both a street preacher forcing his twisted views on the public and an online “prophet” making false prophecies. On June 27, 1999, Lee posted a “prophetic warning” to the site tapatalk.com. Lee prophecized that “the Lord Jesus Christ will break the sixth seal as described in Revelation 6.”

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According to Lee, one of NASA’s first nuclear-powered satellites was the “Galeleo.” The satellite was sent into space to explore Jupiter and the moon. Supposedly Galeleo’s orbit was “decaying” and scientists knew it was going to crash into Jupiter. “It is powered off a payload of petroleum,” Lee writes.

Lee went on to claim that the collision between the Galeleo and Jupiter would cause a “thermonuclear explosion.” The false prophet said the explosion would cause “meteors between Mars and Jupiter to be flung toward earth.” The explosion would also cause the sun to be blocked out for a period of time and the moon would turn a crimson color. Lee claimed the Earth’s crust was going to “tremor in a way never known to this planet.” Towards the end of his false prophecy, he claimed “y2k will remain a problem unable to be fixed for SEVERAL months.”

Lee would later apologize for his prophecy. “I publicly apologize for making the prophecy I made,” Lee wrote. “It is now obvious that I did not hear from the Lord. I take full responsibility for this false prophecy and I do ask for forgiveness from anyone who read this.” Aside from his misspelling of NASA’s Galileo mission, the satellite would not plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere until September 21, 2003, to prevent an unwanted impact with Europa, and none of Lee’s Armageddon prophecies occurred.

Daniel John Lee The Street Preacher

On April 16, 1999, Lee was at the Eugene pedestrian mall engaging in his street preaching in a “loud voice.” Lee was said to have been pounding on his King James Bible and accusing those walking by of various sins and referencing “whores” and “whoremongers.” At one point Jacqueline Silverthorn and her fiancé, John Lawson, walked by the area where Lee was on the north side of the mall kissing each other. Lee called Silverthorn a whore and said she was going to Hell. Silverthorn reported the incident to Officer Tinseth who was nearby.

By the time Tinseth approached Lee he was surrounded by 30 to 35 people. A local transient named “Carter” was on the verge of getting into a physical altercation with Lee after he called him a drunkard. Tinseth knew Carter as a “local transient” who was “very violent.” Tinseth arrested Lee for disorderly conduct once he witnessed Lee escalating the situation instead of deescalating. Lee appealed the disorderly conduct charge and won in the Court of Appeals of Oregon on October 31, 2001.

On April 26, 2001, Lee was arrested following a disturbance involving at least three Portland State students. One female slapped Lee and another poured a drink on him after becoming enraged by his hateful comments. Campus Public Safety intervened and warned Lee about his behavior. Students were said to be making complaints and signing petitions to have him removed from Park Blocks but Campus Public Safety officials said the hated street pastor was exercising his First Amendment rights.

In June 2001, Lee was taken into custody on a warrant for harassment, interfering with an officer and resisting arrest issued by the Multnomah Sheriff’s Office. Campus Public Safety Officers took Lee into custody as he preached his bizarre form of Christianity to students sitting in the Park Blocks outside the Smith Memorial Center. Lee was reportedly “creating a lot of animosity but not much excitement.” By this point, Lee was known for his inflammatory comments towards his spectators and attacking women by calling them “whores,” “baby machines,” and other derogatory slurs.

A History Of Failed Relationships And Arrests

Over the years Lee continued to rack up charges that ranged from resisting arrest to violent crimes, to stalking. In 2004, Lee filed for bankruptcy. As of earlier this month, Lee’s sixth wife left him after only being married for only four days. Along with six unsuccessful marriages, Lee is not allowed to see any of six children and a judge actually banned him from teaching the children religion.

Daniel John Lee Juneau Alas… by discuss on Scribd

In 2011, Lee made headlines after he was arrested for posting threatening online messages towards Clackamas County officials and his ex-wife. Investigators contacted Haines police after receiving a tip that Lee was staying at the Eagle’s Nest Motel. Due to a history of fighting with police, three members of the Borough police force, two state troopers, and a state parks ranger conducted the arrest. Lee was taken into custody at the Sheldon Museum without incident.

Lee was arraigned in Alaska District Court and held in the Haines Rural Jail Facility until he was transferred to Lemon Creek Corrections in Juneau. From there, Lee was extradited to Oregon to face charges for his threats against Clackamas County officials. Haines Police Chief Gary Lowe said he received many phone calls about Lee from Oregon media. “They say this guy’s a terrorist,” Lowe said. Lee had outstanding warrants for resisting arrest and contempt of court for violating a restraining order.

In 2014, Lee was posted on the anonymous trash-talking gossip site “The Dirty.” The post was made in the Portland area of the site and claimed Lee was “prowling around the town trying to pick up Christian and Jewish women.” By that point, Lee could not see his six children but was on his third marriage. The poster suggests she went to the bathroom while out with Lee and Googled him. Shocked by what she was seeing, she went back and asked Lee about his third marriage just months prior. “Left me with the bill when I asked about his marriage last November,” the person writes. A video included with the post appears to no longer be available.


In 2012, Lee’s YouTube account started with a series of videos that show a borderline obsession with Ron Paul. Videos such as “Ron Paul: A Spiritual Awakening,” and “Ron Paul: A Story To Inspire!” gained little attention online. Over the years his account slowly became darker and darker and more about his twisted perception of religion.

On October 26, 2013, in a video titled “You People Better Be Very Careful,” Lee addresses claims that he may have a demon in him. Lee does not make any clear threats, but he does claim he has been sent by Yahshua to “confront Antichrists.” Lee also makes another false prophecy that World War III was close to happening.

Over the years Lee has gained his critics as well. The YouTube channel Field McConnell Exposed uploaded a video from Lee where he states women are the property of men. Lee believes that women are not allowed to teach. He goes on to say that any woman using YouTube to “prophecize” must wear a cover and be with their husband or father, whichever one “owns them.” The video was uploaded to the Field McConnell Exposed channel in November but it is not clear when Lee originally uploaded it.

Another YouTube channel, The Phoenix Enigma, has featured Lee in their “Cult Watch Weekly” videos several times. The video series breaks down the more disturbing messages Lee makes in his videos. In a video from November, Lee openly admits his disapproval of homosexuals and equates homosexuality to pedophilia. Lee also apparently believes the public school system is Satanic and run by pedophiles then goes on to say children are supposed to be taught in homeschool.

Another bizarre claim by Lee is that his six children were “kidnapped” by a judge. Again, Lee’s beliefs are distorted enough that a judge banned him from teaching his children his twisted form of religion. Lee claims he writes a letter to the judge every week, which is surely not helping his case in any way, shape, or form. In this video, Lee also claims anybody that uses birth control is Satanic.

The Sixth Divorce

With over 12 years of video uploads, it is difficult to find the more extreme bits of Lee’s psychotic rantings. However, Lee’s most recent divorce gives a pretty clear look into his head. On November 23, Lee posted a video titled “Wedding Rehearsal of Daniel John Lee and My Bride.”

Just weeks later, Lee would post a video where he “rebuked” his wife for leaving him after just four days of marriage and said he was praying for Yah to “spank” her. The video was later removed but uploaded again by one of Lee’s critics, “Agent19.”

Lee’s latest ex-wife turned over text messages from him to The Phoenix Enigma YouTube channel. There are so many texts from Lee that they are split into a three-part video series. The first two videos are roughly 10 minutes long and the third is 17 minutes long. In the texts, Lee claims she is the evilest out of all his six wives. Lee also accuses her of being a “Satanist witch” and claims members of his prayer team suspect her of being a witch pretending to be Christian to destroy his ministry.

In the hundreds of psychotic texts, Lee accuses nurses, doctors, and many people in the medical field of being Satanists. He goes back and forth between never getting married again and immediately beginning the hunt for his seventh wife. At one point his ex-wife responds and tells him he is abusive when he does not get his way. An allegation that is not hard to believe if you have watched his videos. Lee would later bring that allegation up in his video where he rebuked his ex-wife.

Despite his abusive nature, completely false prophecies and lack of education outside of conspiracy theories, Lee has 144 Patrons on his Patreon. He constantly pushes his PayPal and a mailing address for donations. There is no telling how much money Lee makes on his hate speech each month or what this money is spent on as his website is low maintenance, and his videos are likely filmed with his cellphone. Chances are, as long as someone is gullible enough to support Lee’s bullshit, he will keep on creating it.



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