• A protest planned online to free Dennis Rader has been canceled due to online threats
  • Ted McCarthy announced he had to “delay” the protest “due to threats”
  • Rader is currently serving ten life terms with no chance of parole for 175 years for ten murders in the Wichita metro area

In Kansas, a “Free Dennis Rader Protest” is over before it could begin after the organizer claims he began receiving online threats. The protest’s goal was to free Dennis Rader, a serial killer more commonly known as “BTK,” which stands for “Bind, Torture, and Kill.”

Ted McCarthy created a Facebook event titled, “Free Dennis Rader Protest!” The event was scheduled for June 19 at 12:15 pm at the Capitol Building in Topeka, Kansas. In one of the screenshots being shared on social media, six people marked as going and another 15 were interested in the event.

With no surprise what-so-ever, McCarthy’s event was quickly met with a negative response. While it is not clear when the event was created, by Tuesday night McCarthy had already removed it. A screenshot from the event page explains that McCarthy feels Rader could be used to “inspire everyone to change.”

I am a man of Jesus Christ and his main message was forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes, but that doesn’t they should have to pay for them. We are all human. What Dennis did was horrible. Jesus taught us that the worst of the worst can be forgiven. Dennis was a man of god who showed great remorse during the time of his conviction. If we allowed to world to see that even men like Dennis can change it could inspire everyone to change!

Ted McCarthy
Free Dennis Rader Protest

McCarthy’s claim that Rader “showed great remorse during the time of his conviction” could not be any further from the truth. People from around the world have watched in horror as Rader delivered his chilling and callous confession in court. Rader casually broke down his murders with precise detail. He nonchalantly referred to his victims as “projects” or “targets.” The disturbing 46-minute long confession from the court has been viewed over 3.5 million times.

By Tuesday evening, McCarthy made a post to his Facebook page announcing he was delaying the protest “due to threats.” McCarthy did not go into detail about the threats. Discuss reached out to McCarthy but were told, “Sorry, I do not speak to journalists.”

Some have guessed McCarthy’s account is just a “troll” account, an account created to purposely get other Facebook users riled up over sensitive issues. While McCarthy’s account looks like he is not very educated on using social media, it does not appear to be a troll account. McCarthy claims his daughter set the account up for him to stay connected during a trip in March.

In 2005, Rader was sentenced to ten consecutive life terms in 2005 for murdering ten people in the Wichita, Kansas metro area between 1974 and 1991. Radder is not eligible for parole until he has served 175 years of his sentence. Kansas did not have a death penalty during the time of his killings, which has led some to believe that Rader only confessed to crimes up to a certain point to avoid death.


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