The Story Behind The Mac Lethal And Tom MacDonald Beef

  • The two rappers’ beef with each other began on social media
  • Tom MacDonald released two diss tracks while Mac Lethal only released one
  • After releasing his response Lethal tweeted out he would not be participating in a second round

In June a beef between Mac Lethal and Tom MacDonald caught some online attention as the two traded blows on social media and then through a total of three diss tracks. The feud has been silent for a month after Lethal said he would not be responding to MacDonald any further.

What Happened

According to SONG MEANING + FACTS, on May 29, Lethal insulted an unnamed rapper online. Lethal’s target was obviously a white rapper, but MacDonald was not necessarily named. MacDonald took Lethal’s perceived it as an attack against him and the two ended up in a heated exchange on social media. Thanks to The Rap Mammoth YouTube channel, the majority of the social media fight can be seen below.

The Weigh In

Both rappers have a moderately strong social media presence, with Lethal having the larger following of the two. Lethal has 1.1 million Facebook followers compared to MacDonald’s 952,074 followers. On Instagram Lethal has 168,000 followers to MacDonald’s 121,000 followers. When it comes to YouTube, Lethal has a strong advantage with 2.3 million subscribers compared to MacDonald’s 503,000. Twitter seems to be the weakest link for both rappers, but Lethal still holds a higher following with 60,200 followers compared to MacDonald’s 21,500.

On June 1, MacDonald uploaded a song and video to his YouTube channel titled “”Lethal Injection” (MAC LETHAL DISS).” The video has received 3,184,537 views since it was uploaded

On June 5, Lethal fired back at MacDonald with the song “Single White Female.” The title is a play on MacDonald’s single from May called “Single White Male.” Lethal’s rebuttal ended up pulling in 1,527,280 views, roughly half of MacDonald’s Lethal Injection.

MacDonald did not wait for the fire to die down and released a second diss track against Lethal titled “”Mac Lethal Sucks” (MAC LETHAL DISS #2).” The second diss track from MacDonald ended up pulling more than his first diss with 3,397,208 views.

Despite MacDonald releasing a second diss track, Lethal said in a tweet the same day he released Single White Female that he would not be responding for a round two. In the tweet Lethal said “Let’s move on and spend our energy on creating shit we actually care about.”


  1. The title is a play on MacDonald’s single entitled “Straight White Male,” in case your readers want to look it up and actually listen to the song.


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