• A satirical Facebook post claims Liberals want to abort living babies in blenders
  • Cole Esposito’s post went viral and has been shared over 5,000 times since Wednesday
  • Esposito has since shared hateful messages she has received from a number of people mad for different reasons

A satirical post on Facebook claiming Liberals want to abort babies in blenders has gone viral. The post has surprisingly created mixed feelings as a growing number of people appear to be taking the post seriously.

Liberals Want To Abort Babies In Blenders

On Wednesday, Facebook shitposter “Cole Esposito” posted an image showing two children in devices that to some may resemble giant blenders. While it is a stretch, it is the Internet and as Goerge Carlin said, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

The caption with Esposito’s satirical post read, “This is the future liberals want. This is what an abortion looks like. These sick people BLEND babies. It has a name, a face, a tiny heartbeat. Look at the evil smile of the nurse. MAGA ! END ABORTION.” 

The post drew an impressive amount of anger for different reasons as it went viral. Many were quick to point out the devices are not blenders. They are a contraption known as the “Pigg O Stat.” According to the manufacturer, they are meant to prevent children from being exposed to radiation while receiving X-rays. While Pigg O Stats have been around since 1960, it is unusual to see them used currently. 

Babies Have No Bones

Once people tried to inform Esposito of the true purpose of the device, she decided to push her shitposting to the next level. Esposito made an update to the viral post that read, “edit: STOP SAYING THIS IS FOR X-RAYS! BABIES DON’T NEED X-RAYS! THEY HAVE NO BONES!” This addition to the viral post—which has been shared over 5,000 times—pushed more people to lose their shit in a fit of rage over the bogus claim. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, babies are indeed born with around 300 bones.  

Since going viral, Esposito has been sharing hateful messages she has received in comment sections and posts on her account. While the majority of people understand the post was satire, there is an irrational number of people that are mad for a variety of different reasons.

There actually are a few people sharing Esposito’s post that believe Liberals are conducting abortions by placing babies in blenders, which is sadly not very surprising. It is quite common to see the more extreme Pizzagate conspiracy crowd sharing anything they can find regarding Satanic baby sacrifices for the elite. More often than not, these conspiracy extremists do not conduct any fact-checking outside of a couple of YouTube videos or online fringe conspiracy forums.

A larger percentage of people are mad at Esposito for simply being so stupid. It appears many were pushed passed their limit once Esposito made the update claiming babies do not have bones. Shitposting at it’s finest. Luckily, the vast majority of people just find the post funny and can clearly tell it is a joke. Esposito has received positive messages along with the hate as her post continues to go viral early Thursday morning.


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