• A woman named Lauren Bell went viral after she accused Clarksville police officer Jarreil Peoples of having an affair with her
  • Bell claims she is now pregnant with Peoples child in two screenshots being shared across social media
  • In her post, Bell accused People of having an affair with her for six months while he was on duty

A screenshot from Facebook is going viral after a woman named Lauren Bell accused Clarksville, Tennessee police officer Jarreil Peoples of having an affair on his wife of twelve years and getting her pregnant.

The Original Post From Lauren Bell

The original post was made to the Clarksville Police Department Facebook page. Bell uploaded four sonogram pictures and wrote, “Congratulations to officer Jarreil Peoples for getting me pregnant even though he is married.” She even congratulated Peoples’ wife, Brittany Peoples, on becoming a new “step mommy.”

Continuing to air their dirty laundry, Bell writes, “Cant wait to let the whole Clarksville police department know that you’ve been cheating on your wife for 6 months now, and such a wonderful officer protecting the streets of clarksville by sleeping with me WHILE ON DUTY!!!!!!!”

Bell’s original post appears to have been deleted, along with her account. The CPD removed the public’s ability to post to their page. Despite hundreds of comments on posts not related to Peoples and Bell’s affair, the CPD has not addressed the Facebook drama playing out on their page. People have been commenting “Congratulations” on several pictures of Peoples posted by the CPD in 2015.

Bell made a second post that claims she did not know Peoples was married throughout their affair. “Just a disclaimer I didn’t know this nigga was married till I found out I was pregnant.” She claimed Peoples told her he wanted a family. Once Bell found out Peoples was married, he allegedly told her “he wasn’t happy and that he was planning on leaving her.”

While having an affair after twelve years of marriage shows a lack of morals, it would likely not be something Peoples would face disciplinary action for. However, if Bell’s claims are true that Peoples was having an affair with her while he was supposed to be on duty, that is another story. Discuss reached out for comment from the CPD to see if there would be any administrative actions. We did not receive a response at the time of publishing this article.


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