Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) declared his candidacy to replace current Republican Senator Pat Roberts’ seat in 2020 after filing with the Federal Election Commission on Monday. Within the first hour of filing his candidacy Kobach’s 2020 campaign was already off to a rocky start after his filing misspelled his name as “Chris Kobach.”

Chris Kobach Senate 2020

The mistake lasted for about an hour before the campaign amended the error. This simple error is extremely ironic seeing that Kobach led a witch hunt for voter fraud with one of his arguments being misspelled names indicate voter fraud. Despite Kobach’s claims of widespread voter fraud, election experts have maintained the argument that there is no evidence to back those claims. Critics of Kobach claim his hunt for voter fraud was in reality voter suppression.

Kris Kobach Senate 2020

Along with his campaign becoming a nationwide joke right as it began, Kobach lacks the support of his fellow Republicans. Kobach is making a Senate run not even a year after losing his campaign for governor of Kansas against Democrat Laura Kelly. Republicans have concerns that if Kobach makes it through the primaries he could jeopardize Roberts’ GOP-held open seat in 2020. Kobach is currently viewed by many as a potential risk for the Republican party keeping their Senate majority in 2020.

Republican leaders would rather see Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fill Roberts’ seat. Pompeo — a former Kansas congressman — has been faced with the choice of leaving President Donald Trump’s cabinet or seeking a Senate seat to advance his own political career. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Politico that Pompeo was his first pic to fill Roberts’ seat. However, in February Pompeo said a 2020 Senate run was ruled out.

Kobach announced his 2020 run in front of a sign that read “Build The Wall.” Immigration issues have been one of Kobach’s main focus points for over a decade. Kobach is responsible for numerous immigration bills — many of which are referred to as anti-immigrant bills — such as Arizona’s SB 1070 and Alabama’s HB 56. With the help of John Tanton’s network, Kobach traveled the country dishing out poorly written legislation that ended with several areas facing high legal fees after his laws were found to be unconstitutional.

Between failed legislation, failed hunts for voter fraud and a failed gubernatorial campaign just last year, Republicans have very good reasons to not be concerned about Kobach’s decision to run for Roberts’ seat. Joanna Rodriguez, spokesperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee said Kobach would be putting Trump’s presidency and Senate majority at risk.

Just last year Kris Kobach ran and lost to a Democrat. Now, he wants to do the same and simultaneously put President Trump’s presidency and Senate majority at risk. We know Kansans won’t let that happen, and we look forward to watching the Republican candidate they do choose win next fall.

Joanna Rodriguez Via Politico

Republicans are concerned that without Pompeo or a strong front-runner Kansas will become a split playing field that could push Kobach through the primary election. Roberts stated Kobach’s campaign is going to be “uphill” seeing as he is running another statewide race almost immediately after losing a statewide race.

It would seem to me that a person who had lost a statewide race would have a more difficult time winning another statewide race immediately afterwards

Pat Roberts Via Politico

The filing date for Roberts’ seat is not until June of next year, giving other candidates plenty of time to decide if they are going to run.



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