• The online predator hunting group spent two weeks talking with 34-year-old Kenneth Griffin in Wichita, Kansas
  • Griffin believed he was speaking to a 15-year-old girl and sent extremely graphic sexual messages according to chat logs
  • In the conversation, Griffin claims the decoy is not the first young teen he has had conversations
  • Griffin claims he has received pornographic images and a video from underage girls in the past

On Tuesday, the online predator hunting group “MotorCity Justice” exposed what they referred to as one of their “worst chat logs to date.” The extremely graphic conversation was between a 34-year-old Wichita man named Kenneth Griffin and a decoy.

MCJ posted a video meeting with Griffin at a gas station in south Wichita. Griffin believed he was meeting a 15-year-old girl but instead was greeted by MCJ. In the video, Griffin is walking up to his bicycle when confronted. The man filming asks, “Hey, are you Kenny?” Griffin responds, “yeah.” When the man filming explains who he is, Griffin quickly hops on his bicycle and rides away without answering any questions.

MCJ later released the chat log between Griffin and the decoy. Some of the screenshots that are too graphic for Facebook were shared through a link on Dropbox. MCJ explains that Griffin had chatted with the decoy since June 10. “He was very detailed on how he wanted to teach the decoy how to use sex toys and perform sexual acts,” the post reads.


In one of the very first screenshots, the decoy tells Griffin she is 15-years-old. The decoy then asks, “I hope you’re not mad.” Griffin replies with “So where u from???an wht u looking for ???” He then asks the decoy to add him on MeetMe.

The decoy says her MeetMe account was removed and claims her parents are going through a divorce. Griffin asks what side of town the decoy lives on then says he lives “close to Pawnee and Broadway Walmart.”

After the decoy sends Griffin a picture, he tells her “Ur very beautiful an you have some gorgeous eyes I could stare into them and get lost for hours on end.”

In the next screenshot, Griffin shows he is aware of the decoy’s age when he asks, “do you drive yet.” He then sends a picture of himself that does not appear to have come from his social media. The decoy replies, “No I don’t drive and I like all types of movies.”

After some small talk, Griffin begins to shift the conversation in a sexual direction. He tells the decoy he would like to find someone he can “just cuddle with.” He then asks the decoy if she likes to go camping. The decoy replies “I do…” Griffin responds with, “Cool cool maybe we cud go camping that’s after we get to know each other a little better.” The decoy replies, “That sounds like fun.”

After some more small talk, Griffin once again begins shifting the conversation back in a sexual direction. After being asked how his night was, Griffin responds, “It was good would have been better if I had someone to cuddle with but I’m not used to not having buddy.”

The decoy claims she has never had anybody to cuddle with. Griffin replies, “Oooo I see you never just been with someone and have them hold you???”

In the next screenshot, Griffin asks the decoy if she runs around the house naked. The decoy tells Griffin she has never had a boyfriend. Griffin goes on to ask the decoy if she has ever had a boyfriend and then if she has ever kissed a guy. “No.. I never kissed a boy before. Is that bad?” the decoy asks.

Griffin tells the decoy, “it’s not bad that some just take longer to Blossom than others.” He then asks, “are you interested in having a boyfriend?” After telling the decoy that kissing can be a “magical and passionate thing,” the decoy says she has “never really thought about having a bf.”

Griffin then asks what the decoy’s mom thinks about her talking to him, or other guys online. The decoy tells Griffin that she has not told her mother.

Once again, showing that he recognizes her young age, Griffin responds, “Ooo when you do is she going to flip out?” He then asks, “When do you plan on telling her that you’ve been talking to older guys?” The decoy responds, “I don’t plan on it lol.”

Griffin then goes on to ask what the decoy is going to tell her mom while hanging out with older men she met online. The decoy says her mom is “to busy to care about that.” Griffin then says, “But I know how it is to keep secrets from your parents especially when you’re as young as you are you’re talking to an older guy.” The decoy says she will just say she is “going to a friends house or something.”

In the next screenshot, Griffin asks if he can meet the decoy “face-to-face in a public place.” The decoy says they can and asks when. Griffin responds that he would not be able to meet up until after 4:00 p.m. due to his job.

From this point, the conversation begins taking a much darker turn. Griffin goes on to ask, “You don’t have to answer but do you fantasize and play with yourself or have you kind of Avoid of playing with yourself?”

The decoy responds by asking, “Play with myself? What do you mean?” Griffin responds, “You know play with self rub your Clint Explorer your body.” He then asks to meet the decoy at a park. The decoy responds that she had never touched herself and was a virgin.

Griffin switches into a grooming mode where he reassures her that she does not have to be in a “rush to do anything that you don’t want.” The decoy goes on to say she has “never really done anything with a guy.”

Griffin tells the decoy that it is okay. He tells her, “in good time you’ll experience the sweet Touch of a man.” The decoy asks, “Is that something you want to do with me?” Griffin says they will have to see where things go after they “get to know each other.” When asked how far she has gone, the decoy says she has “hugged and held hands.” When the decoy asks how far Griffin has gone he replies, “I’ve done multiple things.”

In the next screenshot, Griffin once again shifts the conversation to a sexual nature by going into graphic detail about performing oral sex on a woman. “When a guy goes down on a girl licks sucks nibble on their clit p**** and the man takes their tongue and slide it up and down on your p**** hole. That is called being ate out.”

After the decoy claims to be blushing, Griffin sends an inappropriate meme then what appears to be a link to a description of female ejaculation.

The conversation tones back down a bit until the decoy asks “What makes you want to hangout with a dumb 15 yro like me. Youre pretty much the only guy whos talked to me off that app.” Griffin responds, “It don’t matter how old or how young you are as long as you got a good personality.” He goes on to say, “I don’t mind hanging out with people younger than me it keeps me young.”

He then goes on to claim to be some kind of twisted mentor. “And the way I see it younger generation needs someone older to help understand and answer questions that so the parents don’t want to give to their children.” Griffin once again acknowledges the decoy’s age by asking, “And what are your thoughts about age difference with you being 15 and me being in my 30s?”

The decoy tells Griffin, “I’m ok with your age if youre ok with mine..” Griffin goes on to recognize the relationship between the two is illegal. “Haha its cool like I said to me it’s just a number and as long as nothing really happens and as long as you don’t freak out and call the cops or anything like that I said age don’t matter to me but there’s a lot of chicks your age that would do things and turn around and get the guys in trouble cuz they’re older than the chick.” He goes on to ask, “And we’re both okay with age difference?”

Griffin claims the decoy is not the first underage girl he has gone after online. When the decoy asks about girls getting guys in trouble, Griffin replies, “Iv had a couple of the chicks dad’s call me and trying to blame me for talking to their younger daughter.”

When the decoy asks how old the past victims were, Griffin responds, “The youngest was 15 your age talk to couple chicks that were 15 and 16.” Griffin then admits to receiving child pornography from other victims. “Nothing happened the chicks sent me a few pictures and the fathers were trying to get me in trouble when I didn’t ask for the pictures.”

When the decoy asks how the fathers found out, Griffin explains they “got in trouble the parents took their phone and instead of locking or erasing the messages back and forth fathers were going through the daughters phones.” The decoy asks what kind of pictures Griffin received. He replies, “Couple of them or send me titty pics one send me a video of her playing with herself what’s a dildo.”

The decoy asks what a dildo is and Griffin responds with, “A dildo is a toy that is shaped like a man’s dick for the most part.” He then tells the decoy not to be afraid to ask and asks if she knows what a vibrator is.

Griffin goes on to explain what a vibrator is after being asked by the decoy. “A vibrator is a toy that most chicks use to rub on their clit and depending on the shape did use it as a dildo and why don’t you want to look it up be easier to understand than have me explain.” Griffin then sends the decoy a meme with a vibrator.

The decoy tells Griffin she has never seen a vibrator before. He responds, “Oh you never seeing a vibrator before I know most chicks has gone through their mom stuff and found toys have you ever snooping around your mom’s stuff I never found a toy of hers.” He goes on to say, “Well they can be very fun to play with and be used.” The decoy responds, “No I don’t go through my moms stuff i try to respect her things.”

The decoy tells Griffin she has never used a vibrator and wouldn’t even know how to use it. Griffin responds, “Mmm well its one of those things some enjoy very much others don’t but sometimes it’s easier to have somebody help you try new things.” The decoy asks Griffin if he is trying to help her.

In the next screenshot, Griffin replies, “I can help if u like.” He goes on to say, “It’s one of those sayings you can be scary by yourself.” Griffin explains that sometimes it is easier to have someone with experience to help.

Griffin then asks, “Ya do u think it’s ok for me to help u experience new things?” The decoy responds, “Idk thats why im asking you lol.” Griffin replies, “Haha ooo I see yeah there is nothing wrong about having someone help you with new thing and new toys especially if you’re never used anything like that before.”

In the next screenshot, the chat once again takes a darker turn. Without warning, Griffin sends the decoy a series of bondage images after asking “So whts on your mind???”

Griffin then asks, “Have you seen this???” The decoy responds, “No whats that?” Griffin responds, “bondage” then tells the decoy, “Look it up not ever one is in to it.”

After some more small talk, Griffin once again shifts the conversation back to bondage with another meme. The decoy replies, “Wow… do you want to do that to me?” Griffin replies, “If u like to try it ya but if you don’t it’s cool.”

After more small talk and grooming, Griffin begins asking to hang out with the decoy again. The decoy claims to be in Anthony, Kansas with her aunt. Griffin says his car is not running and his license is suspended. When the decoy asks, “Oh how would we meet than?” Griffin replies, “Well I was thinking we can go on a bike ride or walk to a park or something and chat. If ur not for that that’s ok we have to figer out how we can hangout.

After more grooming, Griffin asks the decoy, “Wht the main street u stay on?” The decoy replies, “I don’t think I should give that out yet.” Griffin replies, “Oooo o haha its ok ya we should chat more???” The decoy asks if that is okay with Griffin, to which he replies, “Mmm be nice to meet face to face but for now guess it have to do for now.”

The decoy once again points out her age to Griffin. “It’s hard to get out rn i have to do what my mom wants being 15 ya know?” Griffin replies, “Ya I kno its to bad she has to keep a tight leash on you.”

Adding concern to the situation, Griffin says three children live with him at his dad’s home, his nieces and nephew age 6, 9, and 10. Griffin later says the 10-year-old is his nephew and the other two are his nieces.

After days of grooming, Griffin once again is ready to try and meet the decoy. Griffin suggests meeting at Linwood Park, “that way it’s a public and nothing can happen.” He goes on to say, “Ok well let meet at the park and see where it goes from there is that good with u?”

In the next screenshot, Griffin once again claims other underage girls have tried to get him in trouble before. “Ok cool like I’ve said before I’ve had several chicks around your age try to get me in trouble that’s why I like to meet in a public place to meet face-to-face and see how it goes from there,” Griffin writes.

The decoy asks Griffin why other girls would get him in trouble. Griffin responds, “Because of my age. I’m way older than u.” The decoy replies, “I know iam 15 and i dont want anyone to get introuble. But i havent told anyone.”

Griffin goes on to tell the decoy it is good that she has not told anyone about him. He goes on to say, “as long as your mom don’t go snooping through your phone we should be good.” The decoy tells Griffin she deletes her messages. Griffin replies, “Ooo that’s good u delete your messages from me that’s very good plan and yes I’ll be down to meet up.”

Griffin then agrees to meet the decoy at a gas station, at which point he was met by MCJ. The entire chat log can be read here.

Discuss reached out to Griffin for comment through his Facebook but were blocked without a reply. Griffin would later comment on the MCJ page and claim his identity had been stolen through a hack. “My phone was been hacked I do not talk to 15 year olds somebody has hacked my profile hack my phone and stolen all my stuff this guy stalked me for two weeks I’ve seen him and his car following me this guy is a harassment.”

Oddly enough, Griffin’s comment shares common grammatical errors seen in his conversation with the decoy. It should also be noted the entire communication between Griffin and the decoy lasted for two weeks, making the claim he was hacked rather hard to believe.

After a mutual Facebook friend shared MCJ’s post and tagged Griffin, he messaged her with a similar response. Once again the same grammatical errors are seen in his message and vulgar words are edited just as seen in his more graphic messages to the decoy. Griffin claims he just happened to be on a bike ride and stopped at that gas station for water. Despite MCJ’s decoy telling Griffin to meet her at that specific gas station at that time, he still denies that is his reason for being there.

Even though MCJ contacted the Wichita Police Department, Griffin has not been arrested or charged at this time. He continues to reside in his father’s residence where he claims to have access to three young children. Discuss reached out to MCJ who shared their disappointment in WPD’s decision to not take their evidence to use for an arrest.

MCJ released the following statement:

Motorcity Justice exposed “Kenny G” (a child predator) in Wichita on June 29, 2020. We contacted WPD/ICAC twice before the exposure. Kenny believed that he was communicating with a 15-year-old girl.

After all the hard work by our decoy and team, we were more than disappointed to see the lack of response after informing WPD that Kenny had admitted to receiving indecent images of children before.
Kenny lives in a house with 3 young children, 2 of them girls under the age of 10.

We know that law enforcement agencies can use our evidence to charge these predators; we’ve worked with them before, so it’s hard for us to understand why WPD seems disinterested in our evidence.

MotorCity Justice


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