• Jessica McDaniel claims two kids on her son’s school bus choked him with a shoelace
  • McDaniel says surveillance footage from the bus show the attack was completely unprovoked
  • Three pictures show the choke marks from the shoelace on her son’s throat

Jessica McDaniel claims her son was strangled with a shoelace on his school bus on Friday morning until it left a mark around his neck.

What We Know

McDaniel uploaded three pictures to her Facebook showing the marks on her son’s neck. Her son looks to be in middle school but McDaniel does not say his age in the post. According to McDaniel, her son was on the bus playing on his phone and not bothering anyone when two kids behind him threw the shoelace around his neck and pulled back to the point of choking him.

McDaniel claims surveillance video from the bus shows her child was targeted without reason. It is not clear what exactly occurred after the video was seen by school officials, but McDaniel does sound as if she was not satisfied with the repercussions. “This is not a case of ‘kids messing around,'” McDaniel wrote.

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McDaniel’s post has been shared over 18,000 times since Friday. Unfortunately, once the post went viral the comment section was taken over by spambots posting links to watch the Lion King and other new movies. If McDaniel made an update in the comments it is almost impossible to find it within the 9,000 comments now filled with spam.

At this time McDaniel or her husband Geoffrey McDaniel have not made a public post to update social media users. Discuss attempted to reach out to McDaniel but have yet to receive a response. While McDaniel did not mention the school responsible for the bus, her Facebook says she lives in Inverness, Florida.

Inverness is a smaller city in Citrus County, Florida with a population of 7,304 according to a 2017 census. It appears Inverness Middle School is the only middle school in the area. School Digger gives the middle school three out of five stars and ranks the school 477th out of 1,082 middle schools in Florida. Niche gives the school 1.7 stars out of five. The few comments on the site claim issues with students, teachers and the administration.



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