Instagram User Asia Wanted For Licking Blue Bell Ice Cream In Walmart

  • A viral video shows a woman in a Lufkin, Texas Walmart licking a half-gallon of Tin Roof ice cream
  • The original video has been viewed almost 12 million times on Twitter
  • Social media users identified the woman as an Instagram user by the name of Asia

A video that has received almost 12 million views on Twitter alone has caused a police manhunt for an Instagram user that goes by the name of “Asia.” In the video, Asia is seen taking the cover off the ice cream, licking it, then placing it back in the freezer in a Lufkin, Texas Walmart.

What Happened

On June 29, a Twitter user by the name “Optimus Primal” uploaded the nine-second clip. The caption read, “What kinda psychopathic behavior is this?!” In the days since it was uploaded, it went viral.

The video caught the attention of Blue Bell, who is now actively working with the Lufkin police to press charges against Asia. The company thanked customers for bringing the video to their attention in a tweet on Monday. In the tweet Blue Bell also stated they are “working with the appropriate authorities.”

What Charges Does Asia Face

While Asia may have found contaminating a half-gallon of Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream funny, the company and the law did not. Asia is facing a second-degree felony of tampering with a consumer product. The crime carries a possible sentence of twenty years in prison and a possible fine of up to $10,000.

Blue Bell inspected the freezer with the licked ice cream and found the contaminated tub. The company removed all of the tubs of Tin Roof ice cream from the freezer just to be safe following the incident.

Social Media Users Identify Asia As The Person Responsible

Social media users quickly identified the woman’s Instagram account where she goes by the name “xx.asiaaa.xx.”

In a screenshot circulating on social media, Asia responds in a comment and writes “Yeah, I really did that.” She went on to say “You can call it Flu Bell Ice cream now ’cause I was a lil sick last week.” Asia then called for others to video themselves doing it with the hashtag #tinroofchallenge. The Instagram account has since been deleted after catching heavy backlash from social media users.

Other Facebook accounts that appear linked to her include one account under the name “Kween Asia” and “Asia Valero.” Since Asia has not bee arrested as of yet, her identity has not been confirmed.



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