• A series of extremely racist Instagram posts from the Infinity Diagnostics Center in Houston, Texas went viral on Thursday afternoon
  • Jessica Dawn Hutch said the now-deleted account was hacked by a former employee
  • The posts claimed Infinity Diagnostics Center refused to hire African Americans, but a simple scroll through Hutch’s personal Instagram showed that to be a lie

A series of racist posts from the Infinity Diagnostics Center’s now-deleted Instagram account appears to be a hack. The Houston-based company went viral on Thursday after the posts were shared on social media.

On Thursday afternoon, Eddie Nickles shared five screenshots to his Facebook account with a caption that read, “This type of stuff going on right in Houston.” Given the current volatile climate in America, the post quickly went viral and received over 8,000 shares.

The screenshots were of a post from the Twitter account @Vaciosur. The account appears to be one of the original sources of the misinformation. The tweet was retweeted over 13,000 times. It included several images from the Infinity Diagnostics Center’s Instagram with the caption, “3312 Eldoe St. Houston, TX. They must not make it to July.”

The first post from the Infinity Diagnostics Center reads, “Here at infinity We do not support African Americans.” It goes on to read, “If we kept them picking cotton we wouldn’t be having issues with them.”

The following post reads, “We stand by our previous statement, we do not employ African American individuals. The things going on right now is a clear example that they do not know how to behave.”

On Nickles’ post, a third screenshot read, “Flooding our comment section with negative opinions isn’t right We are entitled to our opinion. We have standards and unfortunately African Americans aren’t our vision.”

Aside from the posts sounding extremely farfetched, Nickels or @Vaciosur could have fact-checked the posts fairly easily. On December 18, 2018, Jessica Dawn Hatch posted a Christmas picture to her personal Instagram account with the Infinity Diagnostics Center staff, which included an African American and other minorities.

The post read, “Happy Holidays from the Infinity Diagnostics Center Team. 🏥 We wish for everyone a blessed and safe holiday season!” The Christmas post directly conflicts with the claim that Infinity Diagnostics Center does not hire African Americans.

Other posts from Hatch’s personal Instagram account does not suggest she has ever had any issues with African Americans or any other minority, let alone refused to hire a person based upon their race.

A woman named Talon Maxwell also responded to Vaciosur on Twitter. In her tweet, Maxwell wrote, “Nope. False. I know jessica personally and I’m actually one of the ambassadors here at infinity medspa.” Maxwell went on to write, “I’m black and white for the record.” According to Maxwell, the Infinity Diagnostics Center Instagram was hacked by a former employee.

Despite potentially ruining a business and Hatch’s reputation, Vaciosur later said in a tweet, “I personally do not believe the hacking statements, even if it’s their most honest statement.” Vaciosur also said he would not delete the tweet “bc of the entertainment.”

The Vaciosur account allegedly belongs to Jevon Vidal from Houston. Even though Vidal’s post was removed, the damage was already done. Social media users are now sharing the screenshots across multiple platforms and a bizarre conspiracy has even claimed a picture of a shoe is clear evidence the account was never hacked. Facebook users quickly pointed out how easy that theory is to debunk.

Infinity Diagnostics Center Racist

Hatch went on her personal Instagram to try and clear things up, but some in the comments refused to accept her explanation even though she seemed authentic.

What happened to Hatch appears to be an example of how badly Internet justice can go. Unfortunately, we are seeing a trend in people refusing to do any research into serious matters before blindly running with something as simple as a viral meme found on social media.


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