• On Saturday, Seth Ator went on a deadly shooting spree that started in Midland, Texas and ended in Odessa, Texas
  • Seven people were killed and over 20 were injured during the shootings
  • Mary Granados was killed by Ator when he carjacked her USPS van towards the end of her shift
  • Ator was later killed in Odessa outside the Cinergy movie theater after entering a shootout with police

On Saturday, 36-year-old Seth Ator killed seven people and injured more than twenty in a shooting spree that started in Midland, Texas and ended outside the Cinergy movie theater in Odessa, Texas. Ator was killed in a shootout with the police outside the theater.

What Happened

At one point during the shootings, police believed there were two shooters in two different vehicles. Police would later learn Ator murdered 29-year-old Mary Granados and ditched his vehicle before carjacking her USPS van. Granados was a mail carrier at the end of her shift on Saturday. The New York Post reported Granados was on the phone with her twin sister Rosie Granados when Ator carjacked her. According to Rosie, Granados screamed and the call abruptly ended.

Mary Granados Funeral Fund

Leslie Aide, a former coworker of Granados started a Go Fund Me campaign to help her family with funeral costs with the permission of Rosie. The original goal for the campaign was set at $20,000, but so far has raised over $30,000 between over 800 donors. On Sunday, Aide made an update to the campaign thanking people for the outpouring of support from around the country.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s heartwarming to see so many people step up! 

All day I have been in constant communication with Rosie, her and her family are extremely thankful. 

As you can understand it has been a chaotic and painful day for the family. They have not been able to prepare a statement, I’m hoping tomorrow Rosie can finally update you all through here. Till then, please know they are very grateful and appreciate all the support. This is a picture Rosie sent to me earlier of both of them together. 

I am in the process with the help of GoFundMe to transfer the account to Rosie. 

Again if you have any questions, concerns or would like to reach out to them please let me know.

Thank you
Leslie Aide Chen

Leslie Aide Chen Via Go Fund Me

What We Know About Seth Ator

There is still little known about Ator’s reasons for such a senseless killing spree. Ator was reportedly a truck driver who was recently fired from a company based out of Midland. In 2001 he was arrested for criminal trespass and evading arrest in McLennan County, Texas. In 2018 he received a traffic citation for a federal motor carrier safety violation in Ector County.

According to U.S. Representative Tom Craddick, Ator failed a background check, but it is not clear what caused that red flag. On Saturday afternoon Ator was pulled over for a “failure to signal” when he started his shooting spree. Authorities said Ator used an AR-15 rifle to shoot one of the state troopers before continuing west towards Odessa. Ator was shooting at random at other motorists and pedestrians while driving on Interstate 20 and Highway 191. It was during the drive to Odessa that Ator murdered and carjacked Granados.

Veronica Alonzo, a neighbor of Ator’s claims he threatened her with a rifle just a few weeks ago. Alonzo says Ator came to her house with a rifle and was screaming at her for leaving trash in a nearby dumpster. She told CNN she had called the police on his for the incident but they never responded because Ator’s address “does not show up on GPS and is difficult to find.” Alonzo also claimed Ator’s home had no electricity or running water.

According to Heavy, Ator lived on a street that was described as “relatively new development in west Texas.” Another neighbor of Ator’s said the area used to be mobile homes, but businesses have recently moved into the area. The neighbor said he was shocked by the shooting, calling Ator a quiet person who “didn’t bother anybody.”

17-Month-Old Anderson Davis

Among the wounded victims were three officers and 17-month-old Anderson Davis. A Go Fund Me for Davis has raised over $185,000 dollars since it was started on Saturday. According to the campaign, Davis has shrapnel in her right chest which is only superficial. The young girl also has a hole through her bottom lip and tongue and her teeth were knocked out.


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