• On Monday an online buzz spread that Gene Simmons was opening a cannabis dispensary called the KISSPENSARY
  • The article was originally posted on Friday to Over The Top Metal News, a satire media outlet
  • Simmons does have a relationship with the cannabis industry, but at this time does not include the KISSPENSARY

On Monday, word spread online that Gene Simmons — bassist and vocalist for KISS — had decided to open a marijuana dispensary called the “KISSPENSARY.” But is the Internet buzz true?

What Happened

On Monday the story started to gain attention, but it appears the story first broke on Friday on Over The Top Metal News. The title of the article was “Gene Simmons to Open Marijuana KISSPENSARY Which Will Feature An Exclusive KISS Brand Marijuana Strain.” The article claimed Simmons said he “had a change of heart,” and decided to open the KISSPENSARY. The KISSPENSARY would sell “KISS bongs shaped like our heads, KISS rolling papers, KISS grinders, and KISS vape pen” Simmons allegedly said. The story even claimed there was going to be a special strain of KISS marijuana made called “KISS Kush.” According to the article the KISSPENSARY was set to open July 4, 2019, in Los Angeles with other locations to be announced.

Over The Top Metal News Is A Satire Site

Unfortunately for cannabis-loving KISS fans Over The Top Metal is a satire site. Which means the KISSPENSARY is not happening. If you go to the site’s about section titled “About These Assholes,” it clearly states nothing published on the site is real. “We fucking made it all up,” the site says.

We like to get stoned and make this shit up. NONE OF THE STORIES ON THIS SITE ARE REAL NEWS!  We fucking made it all up.  Grow a set and shut your piehole.

Via Over The Top Metal News

In the article there was an alleged picture of the KISSPENSARY. In the picture the infamous green cross is seen with KISSPENSARY on a black sign at the top of the building. The building is a real dispensary, but is not even in Los Angeles where the KISSPENSARY was allegedly going to open. Before a quick Photoshop session the dispensary was actually Native Roots, located in South Denver. The altered and unaltered images can be seen below.

High Times And Other Outlets Ran With The Story

If you Google search “Gene Simmons dispensary” the first result is a High Times article titled “Gene Simmons Opens Marijuana Dispensary Called Kisspensary.” However, if you click on the link it leads now to an article from May 24, 2017, titled “(Updated May 2019) How To Pass A Drug Test: Drug Testing 101.” A few other smaller outlets fell for the satirical article, but none with a reputation as “high” as High Times.

Gene Simmons Does Have A Relationship With The Cannabis Industry

Simmons has always been proud of his sobriety. Contrary to popular beliefs, Simmons has never been drunk in his life he told Marijuana Business Magazine. Simmons has never held anything rolled up, not even a cigarette. Anybody that knew this about Simmons was a little shocked last August when they heard Simmons had teamed up with British Columbia-based cannabis grower Invictus MD Strategies before the expected launch of Canada’s recreational marijuana market. Simmons became the company’s chief evangelist officer and now claims he was “misinformed” on cannabis.

Do your research so you can make informed decisions. Don’t be misinformed, like I was.

Gene Simmons

Simmons views of the plant changed after CEO of Invictus Dan Kriznic came to his house and began pitching the idea. Admittedly, Simmons was “dismissive, pretty arrogant, misinformed and judgmental of the entire industry.” That began to change after Simmons saw the video of the 6-year-old girl with epilepsy who has treated her seizures with cannabis. Simmons was most like referring to 6-year-old Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte’s Web

In 2004, Matt and Paige Figi had their first child Max. Then in 2018, the couple found out Paige was pregnant with twins. Charlotte and Chase were born in October 2006. At 3-months, Charlotte began having seizures. While doctors were having problems diagnosing Charlotte, her seizures continued to get more frequent. Doctors finally diagnosed her with Dravet Syndrome, also known as myoclonic epilepsy. Dravet Syndrome is a rare but severe form of intractable epilepsy which cannot be controlled by medicine. Chase and Charlotte were both developing at around the same speed. She would walk and talk the same day as her twin. But as the seizures got worse, and the serious medications used to try and control the seizures began taking a toll on the young girl

By age 2, Charlotte’s decline cognitively was quickly increasing. At Children’s Hospital Colorado a neurologist tested to see if Charlotte had SCN1A, which she did. Common in Dravet Syndrome. Paige explored countless options, including a drug from France and a Dravet specialist in Chicago who placed Charlotte on a ketogenic diet. The high in fat low in carbohydrates diet forces the body to make extra ketones. Ketones are natural chemicals which can suppress seizures. While it did help with the seizures, Charlotte began suffering from bone loss and her immune system plummeted. Her parents also noticed new behavior issues. The Figi’s would eventually be pushed to try a high CBD strain of cannabis now infamously known as Charlotte’s Web. A strain that became Charlotte’s plant, but now helps countless patients around the country.


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