• Instagram users showed just how volatile American politics are by attacking Garth Brooks for wearing a Barry Sanders jersey
  • Confused fans mistakenly thought Brooks was wearing a Bernie Sanders jersey
  • Brooks wore the NFL legend’s jersey during a show in Detroit earlier in the week

Just how volatile is the political climate in America currently? How about so volatile that people will attack legendary country musician, and all-around good guy, Garth Brooks for wearing a Barry Sanders jersey in Detroit because they believed it was an endorsement for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The “Bernie Sanders” Jersey

Sanders is a legend in American football and former running back for the Detroit Lions. That’s Barry Sanders, not Bernie. Not only is Sanders one of the most well-known and beloved Lions’ players in history, but he and Brooks both graduated from Oklahoma State University. One could easily understand why Brooks felt it was appropriate to wear the jersey of a Detroit legend while playing a show in Detroit. Unfortunately, American politics ruins everything.

On Monday, Brooks posted an image to his Instagram. Brooks is seen standing in the picture with his back to the camera wearing a number 20 Sanders jersey he wore during the show. The caption read, “Detroit You carried me all night long But you always have I’m in love with you! love,g #GARTHinDETROIT.”

Brooks’ comment section turned into a political battlefield with fans saying they would never listen to him again after mistakenly believing he was wearing a Bernie Sanders jersey. “I wish you would’ve kept your political preferences to yourself. Peace out,” one user wrote. “Won’t play Garth Brooks on American Veterans Radio any longer. Betrayal,” another user wrote. Below are just some of the replies on Brooks’ picture.

Bernie Sanders Jersey

Brooks had not addressed the viral misunderstanding until Friday in a response to Sanders. Making light of the situation, Sanders tweeted to Brooks asking “want to be my VP?” followed by the hashtag “#Number20for2020.”

Brooks accepted Sanders offer in a tweet that read, “Hey @BarrySanders I would run any race with you! #Number20for2020 HA!!! love you pal, g.”

Brooks’ post is a perfect example of a problematic social media trend of spreading misinformation instead of doing even the slightest amount of research. It would take equal or less time and emotion to do a quick Google search of “Sanders 20 Jersey” than to scold a legendary musician over their political beliefs.


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