• Last weekend Fred Costanza brutally beat a homeless transgender woman in Oregon for using a bathroom at Agate Beach State Park
  • Lauren Jackson suffered a skull fracture and multiple breaks to her jaw after Costanza held her by the hair and punched her more than ten times
  • On Thursday, Costanza was indicted by a Lincoln County Grand Jury for a bias crime among other charges

On Thursday, 37-year-old Fred Costanza from Blackfoot, Idaho was indicted for brutally beating a homeless transgender woman at Agate Beach State Park in Newport, Oregon last weekend. Costanza’s attacked Lauren Jackson after she used a women’s restroom at the park.

According to witnesses to the attack, Jackson used a women’s restroom at the park. A woman with Costanza told him Jackson had used the women’s restroom. Witnesses say Costanza walked over 100 yards across the Agate Beach State Recreation Site and held Jackson’s hair while punching her in the face. Costanza was said to have punched Jackson “more than ten times.”

Jackson was taken to a hospital then to Oregon Health & Science University in Portland due to the severity of her injuries. Jackson suffered a skull fracture and multiple breaks to her jaw. She had recently moved from Utah to Oregon and now is concerned she may need to have reconstructive surgery.

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Costanza left the scene with the woman that told him Jackson had used the women’s restroom. Several hours later, Costanza was taken into custody at the scene of the attack. It is not clear why Costanza returned to the scene but it was reported he was drunk at the time of his arrest.

On Thursday, Jackson returned to Newport to testify in front of a Grand Jury. Costanza was indicted on first-degree bias crime, second-degree assault, menacing and harassment. According to KATU2, in Lincoln County a bias crime was formerly known as intimidation until a recent change.

A new law went into effect on July 15, which made it a felony “when a person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causes physical injury to another person because of the suspect’s perception of the victim’s race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or national origin.” The new law also removed a stipulation that multiple people needed to be involved for it to be a bias crime.

Costanza is currently being held in the Lincoln County Jail and is set to be arraigned next week.


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