• On July 12, Brittany Parsons posted a picture to her Facebook from Key West that read “Right before I called ICE on the whole pier”
  • Parsons post has been shared over 2,000 times as of Sunday evening
  • Parsons has decided to antagonize angry social media users in the comments

A woman named Brittany Parsons found viral attention after making a racially motivated post to her Facebook that many are finding insulting to the current immigration crisis happening at the Southern Border. Surprisingly, despite her newfound fame Parsons is not backing down.

Brittany Parsons’ Original Post

On July 12, Parsons posted a pic of her on a pier at the “Southern Most Part of the US “Key West.” While the picture is harmless enough and just shows her standing in front of the water, her caption reads, “Right before I called ICE on the whole pier 🤗.”

Florida Woman Brittany Parsons Goes Viral For "Called ICE" Post Original

Over the last few days, Parsons image began going viral. It has currently been shared over 2,000 times and does not appear to be slowing down. On reddit — in the r/iamatotalpieceofshit community — Parsons has a subthread dedicated to her titled “Posted on facehole and tried arguing that she ISN’T being racist…”

According to Parsons’ Facebook profile, she lives in Treasure Island, Florida but is originally from Gainesville. Parsons’ Facebook and Instagram say she is a model. Her Instagram accounts list the Michele and Group, Adelante Live and The Diamond Agency in her bio.

Border Patrol Brittany

Social media users have begun suggesting the name “Border Patrol Brittany.” Despite the negative attention, Parsons is not backing down or apologizing for her actions. In one comment, Parsons says, “Good luck. Everyone may the game be in your favor you’ve all exposed yourself you should pray you aren’t illegal bc I got DEA FBI AND ICE messaging me.” Parsons then posts a link to the ICE Facebook page.

Florida Woman Brittany Parsons Goes Viral For "Called ICE" Post Comment 1

Parsons also called a woman who claims to be a veteran an “illegal.”

Florida Woman Brittany Parsons Goes Viral For "Called ICE" Post Veteran

Parsons continues to respond and fuel the viral fire. Apparently she is not aware of how exactly these sort of scenarios normally play out. While the post currently remains open to the public, it is likely it will be removed in the near future. Chances are Parsons will likely make her profile private after the reality of her new viral fame sinks in.


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