• The video first appeared on Twitter on Tuesday from an account under the name Sage
  • On Wednesday V-103 The People’s Station’s Facebook page uploaded the video where it has received over 2 million views
  • The father in the video seen beating the girl with a belt has not been identified at this point

WARNING: The following content contains graphic scenes of child abuse that may not be appropriate for all ages. Viewer discretion is advised.

A viral video seen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is drawing attention and both positive and negative feedback. In the video, a father is seen beating his 12-year-old daughter with a belt after allegedly catching her having sex.

What We Know So Far

The video first appeared on Twitter from a user named “Sage” on Tuesday afternoon. “Your daughter ducking at 12 wyd?” the caption read with the short, but graphic video clip. The video remained on the Sage account for roughly six hours before it was no longer accessible. It is not clear if Sage is or knows the man in the video, but it is unlikely as the account appears to share a lot of videos geared towards getting views and building a following.

Since being removed from Twitter, the video resurfaced on Facebook on the “V-103 The People’s Station” Facebook page early Wednesday. Since being uploaded to the page the video has gained over 2.3 million views. The video has people both supporting and condemning the father for his actions.

In the video, the man is seen wearing a white shirt and heard saying, “Huh? You fucking now? Huh?” The man hits the girl’s leg with the belt and she drops to the ground. The girl begins screaming and the man can be heard saying, “The fuck you is.” The man holds the girl and beats her with the belt for roughly 14 seconds as she screams and cries while trying to escape. He then throws her to the ground and asks, “Now you wanna be a hoe?”

The man asks again if she “wants to be a hoe,” then asks twice if she “still want some dick” before beginning to beat her again as she screams. The man then says, “Get your ass in that bed.” The girl remains crouched on the ground, still sobbing, as he yells out, “Get the fuck in the bed!” The girl hops on to the bed, still holding her leg, and the video ends. The video can be seen below, but it does show graphic scenes of child abuse. Viewer discretion is advised.

As of now, the father remains anonymous. It would not be a surprise to see his identity revealed, although the poor quality of the video makes it hard to clearly see his face. Many videos showing abuse of this nature have led to arrests in the past.


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