There is really no rhyme or reason for some of the stuff that goes viral on social media and Mae Thomas is proof of that. For some reason Facebook users have shared a post from Thomas over 14,000 times.

On Sunday, Thomas posted two pictures to her Facebook. One picture is of Thomas giving a very angry look at the camera, and in the other “Curtis” is holding her. Thomas says she is $300 short of the money she needs to get her car out of impound and if people do not give her the money she needs, they will be cut out of her life.

Mar Thomas Curtis Facfebook

The majority of people sharing the post are telling their friends to read the comment section. In her first comments, Thomas apparently has some issues with social media users and their “God damn fucking smiley faces.”

Mae Thomas Smiley Faces

Thomas goes on to politely explain the car is needed for responsibilities that include work and court probation officers.

Mae Thomas Probation
Mae Thomas Responsible

Along with demanding money, Thomas also demands other people clean her house for her.

Mae Thomas Clean House

There appears to be some mixed feelings toward Curtis.

Mae Thomas Curtis

Thomas finally decided she was going to shut the comment section down, which it is currently set up to only allow friends to comment.

Mae ended up having to get off Facebook before she punched somebody in the face.


  1. Mae Thomas was a man, first. Matt Long. Check public record for proof. Mae Dunn. Mae Burkhalter. Mae Moon. Mae Thomas. Check out Sally Savage’s Saucebox on fb for more receipts on my accusations.


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