• Facebook users found a very public affair in the making
  • The original post where the conversation happened has been shared over 12,000 times
  • People have been commenting on the husband’s profile about the affair

There is really no rhyme or reasons behind why a lot of things go viral on Facebook. For example, Facebook users are pushing a social media affair between Linda Diane McClellan and Bill LaPointe Jr. to the point of going viral.

What Happened

It still is not exactly clear how Facebook users stumbled upon this little gem from the Internet. According to Facebook, Linda married Jimmy McClellan on July 3, 2001. Apparently there was trouble in paradise as Linda began talking with LaPointe on a few months ago. The conversation got pretty heated between the two, at one point Linda even commented a nude. Apparently the two did not realize it was a public chat until another social media user filled them in. The entire conversation can be read below.

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LaPointe’s post where the conversation happened has been shared over 12,000 times. Comments have been turned off, but Facebook users have still been commenting on Jimmy’s profile. It is not clear if the couple got divorced, but now you at least have the backstory of what you are looking at on these profiles.


  1. one can only dream of being at experienced at the hunt of a lovermaker as Bill is…
    i would have SOOO many more random sexual encounters if i had even half the game that Bill has, and the body of a Greek god that he displays so proudly….
    Bill is a man of the ages, THE man of the century… we could all learn a thing or two from Bill… and I for one, welcome him as my new hero…


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