• Dightmon Louise has a habit of posting her profile and telling Facebook users they are not allowed to share them
  • On Thursday, one of her profile pictures went viral and has since been shared out over 12,000 times
  • The strange account constantly posts pictures of deceased actor Paul Walker and photoshops Dightmon’s face on other women’s bodies

What could possibly go wrong when you demand users of the largest social media platform in the world not do something?

Do Not Share Dightmon Louise’s Profile Or Cover Photo

A bizarre Facebook account under the name “Dightmon Louise” has been posting profile pictures with the warning, “Absolutely No Sharing My Profile Picture Or You Will Be REPORTED xxxxx.” While some of the posts have a few dozen to a couple hundred shares, one profile picture in specific went viral and has been shared over 12,000 times in the 16 hours since it was posted.

Dightmon Louise

The account appears to belong to Eva Louise Dightmon and it is very strange, to say the least. For years the account posted religious feel-good memes until 2016. Dightmon began posting pictures of deceased actor Paul Walker and pictures of her face photoshopped on other women’s bodies. On November 2, 2016, Dightmon updated her profile picture to Walker, and for what very well may be the first time added the caption “No sharing this photo thank you.”

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While another profile picture has been shared almost 600 times, none of Dightmon’s pictures have received even close to the same amount of attention as her picture that is currently viral.

You Fucking Heard My Sissy

In the comment section of the viral—which is only open to friends—a woman claiming to be Dightmon’s sister showed her displeasure with Facebook users sharing the image. “YOU HAD NO FUCKING RIGHT THAT’S PRIVATE PROPERTY SO YOU BETTER TAKE IT DOWN FROM YOU PROFILES OTHERWISE I WILL REPORT YOU AND AGAIN YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED YOU CHEEKY FUCKERS,” Linda Diane Caroline Eastwood wrote.

Eastwood’s last comment reads, “SISSY THIS HAS BEEN SHARED 21 TIMES BY THESE CHEEKY FUCKERS I SAID IN MY LAST COMMENT.” Dightmon responded with, “You fucking heard my Sissy take it down am not fucking playing with your dumbass.” Despite the requests from Eastwood and Dightmon in the comments, the picture was shared at least 11,979 more times at the time of this article. God bless the Internet.

Dightmon Louise



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