• A former caseworker for the Delaware County Division of Child and Youth Services is accused of forcing a mother into prostitution to get her children back
  • Candace Talley is charged for exploiting a mother for favorable custody references and drug test results
  • According to the criminal complaint, Talley was a part of an “extensive prostitution ring” and received over twenty-five percent of the revenue her recruits were paid

It is hard for many to believe some of the atrocities that occur in Child Protective Service agencies around the country but sometimes there is no denying the crimes committed by an agency that is supposed to be dedicated to the well-being of children. One of those instances is the recent arrest of Candace Talley, 27, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Candace Talley Arrested For Prostitution And Human Trafficking

A statement released by Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer says Talley—originally from Sicklerville, New Jersey—was arrested for charges related to prostitution and human trafficking. Talley is accused of exploiting a mother whose children were in foster care. The Division of Children and Youth Services assigned Talley as the victim’s caseworker.

It is truly horrible, and beyond imagination, that someone who is responsible for ensuring the welfare of children would pressure their mother into acts of prostitution for her own personal enrichment, and with the promise of a favorable custody recommendation, as this defendant is charged with doing.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer

According to Stollsteimer, Talley forced the woman into prostitution for her enrichment in exchange for the promise of a favorable custody recommendation. Talley is also accused of promising the victim that she would falsify her drug tests to help ensure a favorable recommendation in regards to the children’s placement, an accusation that raises serious concerns over a social worker’s ability to freely manipulate drug tests as they see fit.

Talley Released On $25,000 Bond

Talley was taken into custody on Thursday morning by members of the District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Division then arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Phillip S. Turner Jr. The former caseworker is charged with promoting prostitution, coerce/threat of official act, trafficking related to recruiting, trafficking related to financial benefit, official oppression, and corrupt organizations. Talley was released on a $25,000 unsecured bond with home monitoring.

The criminal complaint alleges Talley’s role in an “extensive prostitution ring” where she enlisted women as prostitutes, drove them to and from jobs, and received over twenty-five percent of the revenue from women she had recruited. It is unclear if there is more than once victim related to her role as a DCYS caseworker. According to Delaware County Assistant District Attorney Diane Edbril, Talley has not been employed by DCYS since 2017.


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