• A Colorado judge has suppressed any and all information in a case against Cynthia Abcug in Parker, Colorado
  • Abcug is charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping after she allegedly planned to kidnap her son from his foster family with members of QAnon
  • While her relationship with QAnon is not clear, Abcug did publicly speak with Field McConnell and other known conspiracy theorists
  • Abcug spoke of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force with McConnell, a fictional agency created by fugitive Timothy Charles Holmseth and adopted by other sovereign scam artists
  • McConnell is currently in jail for making threats against Florida attorney Kim Picazio and Holmseth has a warrant for his arrest for violating a court order related to the same attorney

A Colorado judge has suppressed the conspiracy to commit kidnapping case against Cynthia Abcug in Parker, Colorado. Abcug is accused of planning to kidnap her son from his foster family with followers of the online conspiracy group QAnon.

All Case Files Suppressed

Since the judge suppressed the case all case files—including the judge’s order explaining the decision to suppress—will not be public record. The decision to gag the case could be due to several reasons, including the national attention the case garnered.

While some may look at the charges Abcug is facing and dismiss it as a simple conspiracy to commit kidnapping case, the reality is this case has several important underlining issues that make it incredibly unique.

FBI Labels QAnon As Possible Domestic Terrorist Threats

On May 30, 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation labeled QAnon and other online-based conspiracy groups as a possible domestic terrorism threat. The FBI bulletin detailing the decision was not released from their Phoenix field office until August.

The bulletin states the FBI recognizes that people have their constitutional rights to believe whatever ideologies they should choose to believe, but also recognizes these online conspiracy groups could push an extremist to violent acts, an argument that will possibly be used against Abcug.

Abcug’s relationship with QAnon is not clear at this time. According to the arrest affidavit, Abcug’s daughter said her mother got involved with members of QAnon then spiraled down conspiracy rabbit holes until her conversation evolved and was centered around a “raid” to kidnap her son from his foster family.

Factitious Disorder On Another

Another unique aspect of Abcug’s case is the accusations against her that led to the removal of her son. Abcug is accused of having Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another, formerly known as Munchausen by Proxy. The mental illness causes a person to create fictitious medical illnesses and even go as far as to create physical symptoms so the victim receives unnecessary medical treatments.

In Abcug’s case, Colorado’s Department of Human Services accused her of exaggerating her son’s medical issues. According to her daughter, after her brother was removed Abcug began to “spiral down” different conspiracies and was acting abusive towards her.

Abcug’s daughter was concerned her mother and members of QAnon were going to harm her brother’s foster family during the raid. After telling her counselor about the raid for weeks, authorities were contacted in September due to the daughter’s belief the plan was possibly going to be executed on or around Halloween.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force

While the relationship between Abcug and QAnon is not clear, she was publicly involved with other questionable scam artists and conspiracy theorists. Abcug appeared with Field McConnell on his YouTube channel where they spoke of a fictional group known as the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.” This task force was allegedly created by President Donald Trump who hand-picked a number of scam artists beginning with Timothy Charles Holmseth. The video was recently removed from McConnell’s YouTube channel.

Holmseth is a journalist that claims to have exposed child sex traffickers for years. His “exposures” normally include wild and reckless claims backed by only his own words. One of those alleged traffickers is Florida attorney Kim Picazio. Holmseth claims Picazio is responsible for the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings and tied to a child trafficking ring in Ukraine. For years Holmseth has slandered Picazio and is currently on the run from the law for violating court orders for making threats against her. A court filing showed Holmseth had violated a 2011 injunction more than 300 times.

Timothy Holmseth Injunction… by discuss on Scribd

Holmseth also claims to be talking directly to Trump and the first appointed to head the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. McConnell—who is currently in jail for following Holmseth’s lead and making threats against Picazio—claimed to also be speaking directly to Trump and that he was a part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. A simple Google search shows the origin of this nonsensical task force leads back to Holmseth via his own outlets.

Holmseth and McConnell added other sovereign scam artists, Kirk Pendergrass and Chris Hallet, who run a fictional legal service called “EClause.” They also run the “Kirk’s Law Corner” Facebook page where they give bad legal information at best to anybody who will listen. Both Pendergrass and Hallet have claimed to be a part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, and have made claims they have been given the authority to “audit” courts around the country.

Recently Holmseth has came out against Pendergrass and Hallet after they allegedly encouraged him to skip his last court date and promised they would be getting McConnell out of jail. Pendergrass has been accused of stealing a computer and a car from McConnell’s house where he was staying. Holmseth has claimed Pendergrass and Hallet are not part of his fictional Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

Other known sovereign scam artists, Francesca Amato and David Jose Watson have claimed to be in direct connection with Trump’s “Human Trafficking Task Force,” another fictional agency used to gain the trust of possible victims. It is not clear if the Human Trafficking Task Force is the same as Holmseth’s Pentagon Pedophile Task Force but these groups of scam artists are known to support each other through their social media platforms.

Abcug’s Connection To Online Conspiracy Theorists

While none of the above-named scam artists have fully claimed to be QAnon, they have been supportive of debunked conspiracies that have originated in QAnon groups. In Abcug’s affidavit her daughter claims an “armed guard” known as “Ryan” was staying on their couch on the main floor of their house. It is believed the Ryan named in the affidavit is Ryan Wilson, a friend of McConnell. In a live video on McConnell’s YouTube channel with Sarah Dunklin, he states he sent his friend with his gun in his car to stay with Abcug. The video was removed from McConnell’s YouTube channel but was reuploaded to the Glow_Free BitChute channel.

Those defending Abcug have claimed her current charges are only to silence her from “exposing” the corruption of CPS. A claim that seems to be used unwarranted more and more inside the anti-CPS movement. Others still seem confused over Abcug’s charge of conspiracy to kidnap. PJ Media journalist went on Northwest Liberty News—hosted by avid anti-CPS personalty James White—to display her lack of understanding of the law.

Fox and White claim no attempted kidnapping ever took place which makes the conspiracy to kidnap charge invalid. That is far from the reality of the situation. Colorado Criminal Code 18-2-206 reads quite clearly, “A person who agrees with another person to engage in conduct that constitutes a class 3 felony or an attempt to commit a class 3 felony, with the intent to facilitate or promote the commission of such a crime or agencies, or agrees to aid another person in planning or committing the crime or attempting to commit the crime, commits a class 4 felony.”

That means according to Colorado Criminal Code if Abcug ever discussed kidnapping her son from his foster family with McConnell or Wilson, she committed conspiracy to kidnap. According to her daughter, Abcug did not know the exact address of the foster family but members of QAnon claimed to know it. If McConnell’s claims are true and he did send Wilson to stay with Abcug in his vehicle with his gun, it is likely to see more arrests coming in relation to this case. Given both McConnell and Holmseth’s history of making threats to the point of legal actions, it is not hard to believe they encouraged Abcug in the planning of the raid.



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