• An emergency custody petition was filed against Sarah Dunklin earlier this month
  • The petition claims there is currently an investigating into Dunklin for her role in scam organizations targetting parents involved with CPS
  • Court documents show the emergency custody was granted due to the criminal investigation into Dunklin
  • Dunklin is a part of a larger group of scam artists pushing sovereign laws and fraudulent legal help on families with active CPS cases

An emergency custody order filed against Sarah-Elise Mitchell Dunklin—more commonly known on social media simply as “Sarah Dunklin”—claims she is under investigation by multiple agencies for her role in deceiving parents with active Child Protective Services cases and leading them to seek the aid of fraudulent legal organizations.

Sarah Dunklin And Field McConnell

The Ex-Parte motion filed for Dunklin’s child’s father, Robert Glenn Chatham, refers to the December arrest of Cynthia Abcug. Abcug is accused of conspiring to kidnap her child from his foster family with members of the online conspiracy group QAnon. According to Abcug’s daughter, she was concerned the foster family could possibly be injured during the planned “raid.”

Abcug’s case has since been placed under a gag order but online sleuths have been filling in some of the blanks related to the planned kidnapping. Prior to her arrest, Abcug openly supported popular conspiracy extremist Field McConnell. McConnell is currently incarcerated in Pierce County, Wisconsin pending extradition to Broward County, Florida for terroristic threats, aggravated stalking, and threats to shoot public officials or public buildings. McConnell’s current charges are in relation to his harassment of Florida attorney Kim Picazio. McConnell began harassing Picazio based on baseless accusations from fellow conspiracy extremist Timothy Charles Holmseth. Holmseth is currently a wanted fugitive after violating a court order and failing to appear in court for incidents related to harassing Picazio.

McConnell is a key player in what court documents describe as a “criminal enterprise” that appears to have splintered off into several smaller groups of online scam artists within social media-based anti-CPS groups. McConnell claimed he was in direct contact with President Donald Trump, who supported his organization the “Children’s Crusade” and picked him and Holmseth to run the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.” The fictitious agency has since been claimed and supported by other scam artists within the CPS movement, such as Kirk Pendergrass, Chris Hallett, Francesca Amato, and David Jose Watson.

Court documents accuse Dunklin of “fishing individuals on Facebook and social media sites for money,” and of being “involved in a human trafficking situation.” Prior to her arrest, Abcug went into hiding across several states and stayed with members of different fraudulent organizations with Dunklin’s help.

Echoing language from Abcug’s arrest affidavit, the petition claims Dunklin is involved in “an organization called the QAnon movement.” McConnell is well-known and supported by many in QAnon groups on social media. On more than one occasion McConnell referred to Dunklin’s then-boyfriend, Ryan Wilson, and his involvement with Abcug. Abcug once called into McConnell’s show and spoke of her support for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. McConnell referred to Abcug’s son as “Sphincter Boy” because of the mother’s claim the foster family was sexually assaulting him. The videos were removed from McConnell’s YouTube channel, “The Field Report,” but were preserved on other channels online.

Sarah Dunklin And The Children’s Crusade

Dunklin is also accused of using social media to “convince the public that government officials are systematically kidnapping and abducting children through CPS for the purpose of raping, killing, and trafficking them.” The petition claims Dunklin would screen individuals from chat rooms and Facebook groups to find guests to put on McConnell’s YouTube show, “Abel Danger.” These videos were used to push donation requests to help get children back from state care using resources from the fictitious task forces and fraudulent organizations they claimed to be a part of.

During her time as a board member with the Children’s Crusade, Dunklin was allegedly a “primary coordinator” of McConnell’s fraudulent organization’s schemes. Dunklin would help “CPS parent victims” with setting up Go Fund Me campaigns and crowdsourcing. Victims were later told they needed to donate money to “help pay for their own protection and legal defense.”

In his request, Chatham says he is worried that due to Dunklin’s involvement with McConnell’s organizations and the current criminal investigation, Dunklin could “flee the country” with their child in an attempt to escape criminal prosecution. Chatham is also concerned over their’s child’s safety due to Dunklin’s involvement with these “conspiracy groups.”

Dunklin v Chatham Redacted by discuss on Scribd

Court documents show Chatham’s request for emergency custody was granted on Monday due to the criminal investigation against Dunklin.

Dunklin Order by discuss on Scribd

Trump’s Different Task Forces

Each of these groups accepts donations based on the claim that they help get children home. Pendergrass and Hallett also claim to do audits for the government through their organization “EClause.” In similar fashion to McConnell, Pendergrass, and Hallett use their “educational” live videos on social media to collect donations while spewing nonsensical legal advice and theories. Both claimed to be a part of the fictitious Pentagon Pedophile Task Force until recently after they failed to get McConnell out of jail for his current charges. Holmseth has since claimed the two were never part of the fictional task force.

David Straight claims the same connections as McConnell and Holmseth. Straight travels the country and speaks his vast knowledge of nonsensical sovereign law at small public events. His travels are funded by crowdsourcing money from people under the guise that he is helping get children home and arresting pedophiles. Like McConnell, Straight claims to have direct contact with Trump and the First Lady.

“On June the 20th I was meeting Melania Trump in the rose gardens,” Straight says in a video of one of his public speaking events. “I’m on one of her task forces.” He claims Melania gave him a letter thanking him for his help in the over 3,000 arrests made with his help. Straight goes on to claim Trump spoke to him and even listened to his suggestions on how to change Congress. Trump allegedly signed an Executive Order based on Straight’s distorted view of the government. Oddly enough, Straight can never remember the number of that EO. Straight also claims he was responsible for the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, a claim shared by fellow CPS scam artist Michaela Walker. As with McConnell, the only evidence to support Straight’s claims comes from Holmseth or one of his avid followers.

The same tactics to collect money from families are used by Amato and Watson. On Facebook Watson goes by the name “David Jose” and claims to get children home almost weekly through the use of sovereign affidavits. Along with the affidavits, Watson has claimed and supported a non-existent presidential task force. On November 5, 2019, Watson posted a video on his YouTube channel, “DaveCaresForYou,” titled, “!!Is Field McConnell a Fraud? Timonthy Holmseth? Is Pedophile Task Force Real??? Objective Review.” In the 47 minute video, Watson skews facts and references uncredible sources in support in an attempt to prove McConnell is not a fraud. Watson also collects donations through the use of his social media accounts for his fraudulent teachings.

Amato often piggybacks off Watson by pushing the same affidavits that originate from a group of sovereign citizens supported by Straight. Amato is the face of the fraudulent non-profit organization “Punished 4 Protecting,” which accepts donations for help with CPS cases. Along with accepting donations, Amato charges a $50 consultation fee to assist in CPS cases. Amato is not licensed or educated in any field related to CPS issues and has demonstrated her lack of knowledge in law when representing herself in her own legal issues.

Recently Amato claimed to her social media following she was shutting down the Ulster County, New York family courts through an affidavit she falsely claimed to be a “State of Emergency” declaration. The nonsensical document was delivered to New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office. Amato claimed that since James did not respond in 48 hours the affidavit was a victory. The Ulster County family courts did not shut down.


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