• The White House announced on Saturday that President Donald Trump tested negative for COVID-19
  • There were concerns after Trump met with two people infected with the coronavirus at Mar-a-Lago last Saturday
  • Vice President Mike Pence said he has not yet been tested for COVID-19 but “would be more than happy to be tested.”

The White House released a statement confirming President Donald Trump tested negative for COVID-19 following concerns after meeting with two infected people.

Trump met with Fabio Wajngarten, press secretary for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at Mar-a-Lago last Saturday. Just days later, Wajngarten tested positive for the coronavirus.

The White House confirmed that Trump also came in contact with Nestor Forster, Brazil’s chargé d’affaires in Washington, who also tested positive for the coronavirus.

On Saturday it was reported Trump was tested for the coronavirus on Friday. Trump said he had not gotten tested but likely would at a press conference at the White House Rose Garden.

Navy Cmdr Sean Conley, the White House physician, released a memorandum that read, “the President himself remains without symptoms, testing for COVID-19 is not currently indicated.” According to Conley, Trump spent more time with Foster than Wajngarten and the interactions “occurred before any symptom onset.”

Trump claimed he had only taken the test because the “press is going crazy.” Vice President Mike Pence said he had not been tested for COVID-19 yet but that he “would be more than happy to be tested.”

COVID-19 Updates: Switzerland Bans Large Gatherings Of Over 1,000 People

  • Switzerland has banned events of over 1,000 people in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19
  • The ban is expected to last until at least March 15 and shut down the annual Geneva International Motor Show
  • Events with under 1,000 people must carry out “risk assessment”

In an attempt to fight the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, Switzerland has placed a ban over any large gatherings of over 1,000 people until at least March 15.

The decision by Swiss officials is just another example of how exactly the current coronavirus outbreak is impacting daily life around the world. Currently there are over 85,000 confirmed cases and over 2,900 deaths globally. Cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Switzerland.

The annual Geneva International Motor Show was scheduled to run from March 5 through the 15th was one of the events cancelled. The event draws tens of thousands of visitors every year.

“We are aware that this measure will have a significant impact on public life,” according to Switzerland’s interior minister Alan Berset. Berset went on to say, “However, the move is expected to provide effective protection to people in Switzerland and to public health. It should prevent or delay the spread of the disease in Switzerland, thus reducing its momentum.”

Officials have said that events with less than 1,000 people “must carry out risk assessment in conjunction with the competent cantonal (state) authorities to decide whether or not the event can be held.” Berset has said large public buildings will not be shut down.

So far Switzerland has reported 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Switzerland shares a border with northern Italy, which has confirmed almost 900 cases.

Port Of Baltimore Cuts Hours Due To Disruptions From COVID-19

7:57 pm 2-28-2020

COVID-19 Updates
  • The Seagrit Marine Terminal in Baltimore is cutting their hours by an hour and 15 minutes daily
  • Ports America Chesapeake said the decision to cut hours follows a decline in incoming cargo due to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Maryland has tested five people for the coronavirus so far with two coming back negative and the other three still pending

The port of Baltimore announced it will be cutting its operating hours starting next week due to a decline in incoming cargo as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread globally.

Beginning Sunday, the Seagrit Marine Terminal will open the inbound gate from 7:00 am to 4:45 pm according to Ports America Chesapeake. The company is responsible for operating the state-owned terminal. The change in hours cuts an hour and 15 minutes from the normal schedule.

There are at least 60 cases of the coronavirus in states across America and over 84,000 globally. Maryland has not had a confirmed case as of yet. Two people in Maryland had their tests come back negative. Currently, officials are waiting for tests to return from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta in regard to three other patients.

Maryland does not have the ability to quickly test for COVID-19. Officials hope to gain approval for test kits as early as next week.

New Zealand Confirms First Coronavirus Case

7:45 pm 2-27-2020

COVID-19 Updates
  • Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed the first official coronavirus case in New Zealand
  • The infected person is said to be in his 60s and had recently traveled to Iran
  • According to the Ministry of Health, the man arrived back in New Zealand on February 26

The New Zealand health ministry confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on Friday. The first case is said to be a person who arrived in Auckland on an Emirates flight on February 26, after returning from Iran.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed the news while speaking in Sydney on Friday. The infected person is said to be in their 60s and flew on flight EK450 from Tehran. “The person arrived in Auckland on 26 February and traveled home in a private car,” according to a statement from a spokesperson from the Ministry of Health.

After becoming concerned, the family called Healthline. They were advised to seek medical attention at Auckland City Hospital, where they went the same day. They tested negative twice, but the third test came back positive at 4:15 pm on Friday. New Zealand was the 48th country to confirm a coronavirus case.

COVID-19 Updates: France Reports Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Doubled

3:56 pm 2/27/2020

  • French President Emmanuel Macron has warned France of an “epidemic” that is coming
  • Health Minister Olivier Veran confirmed that cases in France had doubled from 18 to 38
  • Out of the confirmed cases in France, two people have died since Tuesday

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned the people that an “epidemic” is coming to France while visiting staff at the La Pitie-Salpetriere hospital in Paris. On Tuesday, the first French person infected with COVID-19 died on Tuesday.

Health Minister Olivier Veran confirmed on Thursday the number of confirmed cases in France had doubled from 18 to 38. France has now reported two deaths from the outbreak. An 80-year-old Chinese tourist who was reportedly the first casualty from COVID-19 outside of China and a 60-year-old teacher. The teacher has officials concerned as he had not traveled to a known outbreak spot.

A 55-year-old man from the same region as the teacher—who also did not travel to an outbreak zone—was also hospitalized with COVID-19. Officials have launched an investigation to find the source of the infections happening in France.

Iranian Parliament Member Mojtaba Zonnour Infected With Coronavirus

5:54 am 2-27-2020

  • Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mojtaba Zonnour has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Days before Tehran’s representative Mahmoud Sadeghi tested positive for COVID-19
  • Iran’s deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi also tested positive for COVID-19
  • As of now, Iran has reported only 141 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 22 deaths

Mojtaba Zonnour, Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said on Thursday he has tested positive for the coronavirus. Zonnour represents the city of Qom in the Iranian Parliament.

Zonnour released a video statement on Thursday confirming that he tested positive. As of Thursday, Iran had confirmed 22 deaths but only 141 cases of COVID-19. Zonnour requested the Iranian people stay calm, adding that Iran is determined to beat the outbreak.

Just days before Zonnour’s announcement, Mahmoud Sadeghi, an Iranian parliamentarian representing Tehran he had tested positive for COVID-19. “My coronary test was positive,” Sadeghi wrote in a tweet. He went on to say, “I have little hope of living in this world.”

In the tweet, Sadeghi called for the release of “security and political prisoners” so they could leave the “epidemic” with their families in an attempt to prevent further outbreak.

Earlier in the week Iran’s deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi tested positive for COVID-19. At that time Iran had only reported 95 cases, but that number was believed to be higher. Harirchi denied covering up the scale of the outbreak in Iran. “He appeared in physical discomfort as he spoke to reporters,” the BBC reported.

South Korea Reports More Daily Cases Than China

4:35 am 2-27-2020

  • On Thursday, South Korea reported 505 new Confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • China reported 433 new cases, 72 less than South Korea
  • South Korea reported their first case on January 20

For the first time on Thursday, China did not hold the highest number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a daily release of cases. South Korea claimed 505 new confirmed cases, 72 more than China’s reported total of 433.

Early Thursday morning South Korea reported 334 new cases, the largest number of additional cases reported in the country since confirming the first case on January 20. Out of those new cases, 307 were in the city of Daegu. The Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) believe a church in Daegu is the origin of the current outbreak in South Korea. Health authorities began testing more than 210,000 members of a religious sect in the area.

By Thursday evening, South Korea added another 171 cases to the daily total, making the day’s total 505. There are currently 1,766 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in South Korea with a total of 13 deaths.

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