• Independent journalist Rod Webber was shocked to see his footage from the Portland protests was stolen by Andy Ngo
  • Ngo is known for stealing content to share with his over 500,000 followers on Twitter
  • Webber’s content was then retweeted by Laura Ingraham, after being denied permission to use it, and Donald Trump Jr

Video footage captured by freelance journalist Rod Webber has been plagiarized by Andy Ngo and been retweeted over 21,000 times and received over three million views. Some of the people that retweeted the stolen content were Donald Trump Jr. and Laura Ingraham.

One of Laura Ingraham’s producers, Mike McDonald, messaged Webber previous to the retweet asking for permission to use the content on the Ingraham Angle show but was denied permission. Webber responded, “Fuck Fox News.”

Webber has since filled a DCMA in an attempt to have the plagiarized content removed. “.@MrAndyNgo, as a result of your unscrupulous tactics, and outright theft of my video from the #PortlandProtests, I have filed a DMCA with twitter for the work which you plagiarized from me,” Webber wrote in a tweet.

Ngo’s plagiarized work was also cited by the Daily Stormer, a right-wing Neo-Nazi website.

Ngo, is a well-known content plagiarizer, who steals content, to fit his right-wing conspiracy theorist blog. He has been known in the past to at least give credit to the content creators, as long as the creators support his ideology.

Since Webber is unbiased in his coverage, it does not fit Ngo narrative. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that is the reason Ngo stole Webber’s content and did not give credit.

Previously, Webber was at the Capitol Hill protest, known as CHOP/CHAZ gathering content. While livestreaming, Webber noticed Proud Boys Tusitala “Tiny” Toese and Joey Gibson were there.

Trouble tends to follow Gibson, so Webber interviewed him to find out his motives. Gibson claimed that he and the other Proud Boys were there in support, but that support quickly ended when Tiny ended up in a physical altercation. Due to the video coverage, Tiny was later charged with violating his probation.


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