• On Sunday morning, Connor Stephen Betts opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd in Dayton, Ohio’s Oregon District
  • Betts killed eight people including his sister and injured at least an additional 26 people
  • Police killed Betts in under a minute from when the shooting began as he tried to enter Ned Peppers
  • While looking for his obituary, people found Connor D. Betts who died in 2014 in Connecticut
  • A conspiracy over Connor D. Betts led Legacy.com to remove his obituary from their site

Following a series of mass shooting around the country, “false flag” conspiracy theorists have gone into overtime to try and discover the “truth” behind these horrifying tragedies. In the cluster of conspiracy theories, Connor D Betts — a man that has been dead for over five years — became a part of a Dayton, Ohio shooting conspiracy.

What Happened

On Sunday morning, 24-year-old Connor Stephen Betts killed his 22-year-old sister Megan and eight other people outside a bar called Ned Peppers located in Dayton’s Oregon District. The Oregon District is an entertainment district packed with bars, clubs, restaurants, and galleries. At least 26 others were injured during the shooting. Police responded within a minute of the gunfire erupting and killed Betts as he tried to enter the bar. Betts death would soon intertwine with a death that occurred over five years prior.

Connor D Betts

By Sunday, Internet users were searching the Web for Betts’ obituary, despite his death not even happening a day prior. Due to the obvious similarities in the name, people quickly thought they had discovered a “deep state” conspiracy in the making after finding an obituary from 2014. The obituary of Connor D. Betts, a 22-year-old that died in a work-related accident in Suffield, Connecticut. Conspiracy theorists brought enough attention to the obituary that Legacy.com appears to have removed it from their site. Fueling the conspiracy fire even further, Connor D. Betts also had a sister named Megan Betts, who is still alive.

Connor D Betts Accused Of Dayton Shooting Five Years After His Death

Despite having different middle names, birth dates, parents, and living in different states, some people refuse to accept that these are two different people. So why exactly would Connor D. Betts be used in this conspiracy? That part is still unclear. The majority of conspiracy groups have equated it to Connor D. Betts died in 2014, so his identity was stolen because “they” want to take our guns. There is not much more to this loosely strung together conspiracy. It boils down to the classic conspiracy theory that always resurfaces after a mass shooting, which relies on different variations of everybody being a crisis actor pushing an agenda for a shadow government working on establishing global domination. Even then, it is not clear why this powerful shadow government would need to use the identity of a man that has been dead for five years, especially when you consider his identity was not used. One point that cannot be stressed enough, the two men have different names, parents, birth dates, and are from two different states.

At best, there are some weird coincidences between the two men. Unfortunately, conspiracy theorists have pushed it to the point that family of Connor D. Betts has likely seen their loved one’s picture on social media related to a horrific massacre years after his death. In the hunt for “truth,” social media users never stopped to consider they were possibly disrespecting a man’s legacy in front of his loved ones.

Betts, the actual Dayton shooter, has a long history of disturbing behavior. In 2012, he was suspended from Bellbrook High School for compiling a “hit list” of people he wanted to kill and a “rape list” of females he wanted to sexually assault. The school’s principal, Chris Baker, did not want to comment on the two lists but said he “would not dispute that information.” As of now, a motive is not clear behind the shooting.



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