• A viral post has some believing the City of Chillicothe, Ohio is blaiming a “weak ass fireworks display” on Narcan
  • The post was made by a satirical page mocking the official Chillicothe Facebook page
  • Mayor Luke Feeney has since said he is exploring legal option against the page admins

A Facebook page claiming to be the City of Chilicothe, Ohio page is gaining attention after a post claimed the city’s “weak ass fireworks display” was due to Narcan use cutting into the budget. The post was signed by “The fucking mayor.” After going viral, the post forced a response from the official City of Chillicothe, Ohio Facebook page.

A Tale Of Two Facebook Pages

On the 4th of July, a Facebook page with an over 34,000 following titled “City of Chilicothe, Ohio” made a post bashing the city’s fireworks and blamed it on putting Narcan in the city’s budget. The post reads, “Congrats junkies, you fucked up the freedom display for everyone.” The post has been shared over 26,000 times.

After going viral, the actual City of Chillicothe, Ohio Facebook page posted a response to the clone page. In the response, Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney stated he has spoken to the “City Law Director to explore our potential claims, and I have already spoken to private legal counsel.” The official Chillicothe only has a following of 8,600, almost three times less than the satire page.

There are a few differences between the two pages, such as different profile pictures and the unofficial page spelled Chillicothe with only one “L”. It is overall doubtful Feeney has any kind of legal claim. The page is representing an entire city, not just a particular brand, which will make Feeney’s legal pursuit a bit more challenging. However Facebook has been cracking down on pages and could find a reason to shut the page down as they have in the past with countless pages.

Since the mayor’s response post, the unofficial page has made several posts that appear to be in response to his threat of using city resources to shut down a Facebook page. The page openly admits to being a satire page. The admins appear to be enjoying their new found attention, which should serve as a lesson for Feeny. Don’t feed the trolls.


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