Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Who Is The New Member Of Slipknot That Replaced Chris Fehn

As of now, Slipknot is keeping the identity of their newest member dubbed by fans as 'Tortilla Man' a secret.

Machine Gun Kelly Tries To Reignite Eminem Beef In Floor 13

Last year millions of people watched as a longtime beef played out on social media between rappers Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly.

The Story Behind The Mac Lethal And Tom MacDonald Beef

The two rappers' beef with each other began on social mediaTom MacDonald released two diss tracks while Mac Lethal only released oneAfter...

Did Gene Simmons Open A Marijuana Dispensary Called The KISSPENSARY

On Monday, word spread online that Gene Simmons — bassist and vocalist for KISS — had decided to open a marijuana dispensary called the "KISSPENSARY." But is the Internet buzz true?