Friday, November 27, 2020

Asylum-Seeking Migrants Keep Their Right To A Bond Hearing

A federal judge in Seattle ruled on Tuesday that asylum-seeking migrants detained for entering the U.S. illegally have the right to a bond hearing instead of being detained indefinitely until their case is completed.
Suicide At Parchman Prison

MDOC Confirms Third Suicide At Parchman Prison In A Week

MDOC confirmed a suicide on Sunday, which makes the third suicide at Parchman this week bringing the total to five deaths in the last week.
Philippines war on drugs

Human Rights Council Creates Resolution For Philippine War On Drugs

U.N.'s Human Rights Council voted to approve a resolution that calls for scrutiny in regards to the Philippine government's war on drugs.
COVID-19 Quarantine

Study Examines The Psychological Impact Of A COVID-19 Quarantine

The possibility of a COVID-19 quarantine has become a reality for countless people around the world as tje illness continues to spread.
Pictures Show Galveston Police Walking Donald Neely With A Leash

Pictures Show Galveston Police Walking Donald Neely With A Leash

Family of Donald Neely were shocked to see pictures of him handcuffed being walked through the streets of Galveston by two officers on horses.
COVID-19 Restrictions For Alabama

Here Are The Current COVID-19 Restrictions For Alabama

Alabama Department of Public Health has updated a public health order with current COVID-19 restrictions in Alabama which are now statewide.

Activist’s Attempted Suicide Leads To Domestic Terrorism Charges

Ryan thought he finally had a way to plan his own death and do so in a way that would hopefully inspire people into activism.
COVID-19 Restrictions Alaska

Here Are The Current COVID-19 Restrictions For Alaska

Current COVID-19 restrictions have put a stop to schools, restaurants, bars, nail salons, and elective dental and medical procedures.

Parents Sue Illinois Hospitals, DCFS Over Vitamin K Shots For Newborns

In 2015 the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services made a policy that deemed vitamin K shots in newborns "medically necessary."

A Day In The Life Of An ER Doctor In New York During The...

Dr. Craig Spencer decided to give Twitter users a glance into the daily life of an ER doctor in New York during the COVID-19 outbreak.