Wednesday, April 1, 2020
COVID-19 Restrictions Arizona

Here Are The Current Covid-19 Restrictions For Arizona

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced the new COVID-19 restrictions for Arizona to combat the spread of the virus.
Current COVID-19 Restrictions California

Here Are The Current COVID-19 Restrictions For California

COVID-19 restrictions for California are some of the strictest in the country, causing many to ask if we are heading towards Martial Law.
COVID-19 Restrictions Arkansas

Here Are The Current COVID-19 Restrictions For Arkansas

The current COVID-19 restrictions in Arkansas are more relaxed than several other states but schools are closed down until April 17.
COVID-19 Restrictions Alaska

Here Are The Current COVID-19 Restrictions For Alaska

Current COVID-19 restrictions have put a stop to schools, restaurants, bars, nail salons, and elective dental and medical procedures.
COVID-19 Restrictions For Alabama

Here Are The Current COVID-19 Restrictions For Alabama

Alabama Department of Public Health has updated a public health order with current COVID-19 restrictions in Alabama which are now statewide.
COVID-19 Quarantine

Study Examines The Psychological Impact Of A COVID-19 Quarantine

The possibility of a COVID-19 quarantine has become a reality for countless people around the world as tje illness continues to spread.
Body Bag In Wuhan

Video Shows Three Children Placed In One Body Bag In Wuhan Hospital

The chilling video shows three deceased children being placed in one body bag in Wuhan, China leading to more concerns over China's honesty.
Li Wenliang

China’s Supreme Court Sides With Whistleblower Doctor Li Wenliang

Doctor Li Wenliang was one of the eight that were reprimanded for spreading information through the Chinese social media site WeChat.
Suicide At Parchman Prison

MDOC Confirms Third Suicide At Parchman Prison In A Week

MDOC confirmed a suicide on Sunday, which makes the third suicide at Parchman this week bringing the total to five deaths in the last week.
Marshall County Inmate

Video Claims To Show Marshall County Inmate Was Left Dead For Hours

Another death is confirmed inside the broken Mississippi Department of Corrections. The recent death occurred at Marshall County prison.