Monday, January 18, 2021
Autopsy of George Floyd

Autopsy Of George Floyd Confirms That Derek Chauvin Murdered Him

A new independent George Floyd autopsy is challenging a claim made in the criminal complaint against Derek Chauvin.
Derek Chauvin

Charges Against Derek Chauvin Will Likely Not Calm Uprising In Minneapolis

On Friday Hennepin County District Attorney Mike Freeman announced that Derek Chauvin has been charged for the murder of George Floyd.
Third Precinct

Minneapolis Protesters Take Control Of The Police Department’s Third Precinct

On the third day of unrest in Minneapolis following the murder of George Floyd, protesters managed to take control of the Third Precinct for the Minneapolis Police Department.
Derek Chauvin

People Demand Derek Chauvin Be Charged For The Murder Of George Floyd

The video that has now gone viral on social media shows Officer Derek Chauvin pressing his knee into the back of George Floyd's neck.
Francesca Amato Used COVID-19

Francesca Amato Used COVID-19 Fears To Scam A Family Out Of $5,000

Francesca Amato recently used COVID-19 fears to scam a woman in California out of thousands of dollars during the global pandemic.
USNS Mercy Locomotive

Conspiracy Theorist Tries To Ram USNS Mercy With A Locomotive

The Department of Justice announced that an apparent conspiracy theorist attempted to ram the USNS Mercy with a locomotive.
Rodney Howard-Browne Arrested

Florida Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne Arrested For Unlawful Assembly

In Florida, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was arrested after disobeying distancing orders against COVID-19 and holding services.
Sovereign Law Group E-Clause

Another Kidnapping Linked To The Sovereign Law Group E-Clause And QAnon

Neely Blanchard was arrested on Thursday morning for breaking a custody order and kidnapping links back to sovereign law group E-Clause.
Field McConnell Ordered Offline

Online Conspiracy Theorist Field McConnell Ordered Offline

McConnell was extradited to Broward County after violating a protection order placed against him on behalf of a Florida attorney.
Sovereign Citizens

Understanding Sovereign Citizens, Common Law, And Freeman Ideology

Sovereign Citizens are growing in popularity over the last several years despite the dangerous legal consequences that can come with them.