• Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple announced he and three City Council Members were putting themselves in self-quarantine after a possible COVID-19 exposure
  • On Tuesday, the National League of Cities announced two individuals in attendance tested positive for COVID-19
  • City Council Members from Memphis and Kansas City also self-quarantined themselves following the announcement from the NLC

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in America continues to grow, some local leaders are taking initiative to do their part in setting a positive example for residents. On Wednesday, Wichita, Kansas Mayor Brandon Whipple announced on Facebook he has self-quarantined after a possible COVID-19 exposure.

Whipple uploaded a video to his Facebook where he explained that two people who attended the National League of Cities’ conference last week tested positive for COVID-19. “Therefore, out of an abundance of caution I will be working from home,” Whipple wrote.

Possible COVID-19 Exposure

In both the caption and the video Whipple claimed he did not feel sick and did not have any symptoms. Along with Whipple, three members of the Wichita City Council also self-quarantined due to their attendance at the NLC conference. Council Members Brandon Johnson, Becky Tuttle, and James Clendenin are currently under a self-quarantine but report having no symptoms.

According to a statement from the NLC on Tuesday, two individuals who “were active participants in the conference—attending general sessions and workshops,” have tested positive for COVID-19. The conference attendees are currently under the care of healthcare professionals and recovering at home. The NLC noted that privacy laws did not permit the disclosure of the two individuals’ names.

Wichita city leaders are not the only ones taking precautions after the NLC conference. Memphis City Councilman JB Smiley said on Tuesday he, six other council members, and three city staff members went to the conference. Some council members have chosen self-quarantine since the NLC released a statement.

In Kansas City, Missouri, a total of six Council members have self quarantined after attending the NLC conference. According to a spokesperson for Mayor Quinton Lucas, the six Council members have not shown any symptoms.


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