• On Sunday afternoon, a Lancaster City police officer shot and killed 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz after responding to a domestic disturbance
  • Protesters gathered in the street after social media users falsely claimed a 14-year-old autistic boy was shot
  • The Lancaster City Police Department released the bodycam footage of the shooting on Sunday night
  • Video shows Munoz chasing an officer down the sidewalk with a knife before he was shot and killed
  • Last year Munoz was arrested for stabbing four people, including a 16-year-old boy, following a fight

People took to the streets in Lancaster, Pennsylvania following a fatal police shooting that occurred on Sunday afternoon and quickly grabbed viral attention that sent misinformation across social media. Following several hours of protests, the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office identified the shooting victim as 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz on Sunday night.

According to a statement from District Attorney Heather Adams’ office, Lancaster police responded to a domestic disturbance call on the 300 block of Laurel Street around 4:15 pm. Adams’ office claimed body camera footage showed Munoz “immediately” emerged from the residence and ran towards the officer brandishing a knife above his head.

Shortly after releasing the statement, the Lancaster City Police Department released the body camera footage on their YouTube channel. LCPD also included more information related to the shooting in both the video and the video’s description. According to the LCPD, Munoz’s sister called police after he was “becoming aggressive with his mother and was attempting to break into her house.”

In the video, the first officer is seen walking to the front door of the residence. As he reaches the door, a woman appears to be trying to either greet the officer or exit the residence. Munoz can be heard screaming inside the residence. As the woman makes her way out the door, Munoz is heard yelling, “Get the fuck back.” Munoz is seen charging out the door chasing the officer from behind with a knife over his head. The officer turns around and fires multiple shots as Munoz chases him. Munoz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Records show Munoz was arrested on March 4, 2019, after he stabbed four people. According to the Lancaster Bureau of Police, Munoz was involved in a verbal altercation with people outside of a residence on the 500 block of N. Queen St. The verbal altercation escalated into a physical altercation, and Munoz was punched and kicked by several people. After the fight had ended, Munoz went to a backpack and retrieved a knife he then used to stab and slash the four victims.

A 26-year-old male suffered a slash to his head; another 26-year-old male suffered a stab wound to his left arm; a 22-year-old female suffered a slash injury to her hand; a 16-year-old male suffered stab wounds to his face, right thigh, left ankle, and the right side of his torso. All four victims survived the stabbing.

Following the shooting on Sunday, misinformation flooded social media. The “Discussions of America: From Jay & Sammie” Facebook page went live with a caption that read, “14 year old autistic child shot 4x by Lancaster Police on the scene soon…” The video was shared over 7,000 times and viewed over 265,000 times. As of the time of this publication, the page has not corrected the false information on the post.

The Lancaster DA’s office attempted to correct false information via Twitter Sunday evening. In a serious of tweets, the DA confirmed the deceased in the shooting was an “adult male.”

In another Facebook LIVE caption, Discussions of America: From Jay & Sammie claimed Munoz was autistic. Discuss was not able to verify or disprove the claim at this time.


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