Social media sleuths are demanding answers after stumbling upon the once fiery romance between Terry W. East and Stephanie East. The couple has caused mass panic across Facebook after Facebook users learned that Stephanie appears to have gone missing in 2018. This is probably a good point to mention that Stephanie is a sex doll.

Stephanie East Goes Missing

It is hard to tell when or why the couple went viral. A Facebook post on June 23, 2018, from Stephanie appears to be one of the hearts of the viral attention. Stephanie uploaded five pictures of her and Terry celebrating his birthday. The caption read, “Well Terry Terry W. East was really sick last weekend his birthday so we didn’t get to do anything so I celebrated it today so here are some pics and his present I got him last week and had it his love you baby.”

Stephanie East

The Birth Of Hunter East

Stephanie’s post has been shared over 2,000 times but it is not the only post getting viral attention. Falon Hill uploaded 15 pictures of Stephanie delivering Terry’s son Hunter East. Yes, Terry and Stephanie apparently had a doll child together. The post has been shared over 3,500 times since Thursday. Terry claims he passed out during the delivery but luckily his mother was there to assist.

Where is Stephanie East?

One question has plagued the bizarre relationship since going viral. Where is Stephanie and Baby Hunter now? The couple has caught the attention of thousands of Facebook users around the world. The Facebook group “Where is Stephanie East?” grew top almost 3,000 members overnight. The group has become the main place for Internet sleuths to compare theories and share evidence regarding the disappearance of Stephanie and Hunter.

There is still a lot of questions about the entire romance. Stephanie’s profile was created in 2016. She posted somewhat often, at times even posting days in a row. Often her posts would be messages to Terry. For example, on July 22, 2017, Stephanie posted a picture of a dinner with the caption, “Hope you enjoy your dinner babe i forgive you and I love you very much.” The post suggested there were some issues within the relationship.

While Stephanie’s profile is pretty open, Terry’s is pretty private. It is not clear if he had to change his privacy settings after going viral. His privacy settings have not stopped those intrigued by the relationship from finding personal information about Terry. A perfect example is the death of his fiance, who went by the name Debra Bigmountain on Facebook. It is not clear how Debra passed but many have included the real-life death into the conspiracy surrounding the fictional disappearance of Stephanie and Hunter. This is where the viral post is entering a bizarre point of crossing over to real life.

It would seem many have become so consumed with the fictional cold case they have forgotten the real people involved. People have posted screenshots messaging Terry, Stephanie, Terry’s mother, and even his deceased spouse. Despite the real life people now having to deal with online harassment, those demanding answers remain focused on their goal of learning what exactly happened to Stephanie and Hunter.

While Terry was seen commenting on one of Stephanie’s posts in the past 24 hours, there is still no confirmed explanation for any part of any of this relationship. Multiple people have claimed Terry is a veteran who developed mental issues. A woman claiming to be Terry’s “former stepdaughter” posted in the main Facebook group requesting it be deleted. “He is a Desert Storm survivor. He is also a domestic abuser. My family and I suffered at the hands of him for a long time and we just want to move on. It’s not funny. He’s dangerous,” she wrote. The account appears to have been disabled since making the post.

For now, there is no confirmed answer to those wondering where Stephanie or Hunter are.


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