• Twitter users claim racists are attacking the choice to cast Halle Bailey as Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid
  • There are over 161,000 tweets under the trending topic but no evidence racists were ever using the hashtag
  • It was recently announced Bailey would be playing Ariel in the remake set to start filming next year

On Thursday, as millions of America celebrated Independence Day there were thousands of people fighting a battle against racism on Twitter regarding the trending hashtag #NotMyAriel. There is only one problem with this battle. It doesn’t appear to actually exist.

What Happened

Thousands upon thousands of Twitter users are tweeting with the hashtag #NotMyAriel and standing up against a group of racists that are mad about Halle Bailey playing Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. While you can scroll endlessly through the growing tweets and find people standing up against these racist bullies, what you can’t find are the actual racist bullies.

Unfortunately, it would be a bit naive in today’s world to say without a doubt nobody is mad about a black teen playing Ariel but it is by no means an onslaught of attacks the trending tweets would make you expect. The website “NEWSONE” put out an article titled “White Twitter Complains After ‘Colored Actress’ Is Cast As Ariel In ‘Little Mermaid’ Remake.” In the article it reads, “Scroll down to see a sample of the mixed bag of reactions from both Black Twitter and racist white Twitter after learning of the news that “The Little Mermaid” was being remade to star a Black actress.” The only problem, not even that article could find any of the racially fueled tweets against there being a black Ariel.

An article from The Sun titled “The Little Mermaid fans are at war after Disney’s casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel sparks bitter online race row” was a bit closer to the truth of the debate over the new Ariel. The vast majority disagreeing with Bailey being cast does not seem to be placing it off a race situation. Fans of The Little Mermaid seem heartbroken they will not be seeing the same Ariel they grew up with on the big screen. Disney has been putting a focus on live-action remakes of some of their classics and so far casting Bailey seems to be one of their biggest changes from the look of the original movies.

Below are a few of the tweets that were as close to being mad about Bailey playing Ariel due to race as we could find.

An article from Bored Panda managed to find a whopping 18 tweets from people mad about Bailey being cast as Ariel. The main account in that article that went viral ended up being a fake account. One of the tweets catching the most backlash on Twitter is a tweet from the Global Times. In the tweet it reads, “It’s a rare occasion when a colored actress will be cast as a Disney princess.”

Racial tensions are high in America, perhaps higher than they have been in many Americans’ lifetimes. There is no need to create fictional racially charged situations when so many already do exist. At this time there is no large attack on Bailey playing Ariel. Instead, there are over a hundred thousand tweets saying people better not be mad about Bailey playing Ariel. Feel free to scroll through the trending hashtag yourself and let us know what you find.


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