• Last week Belle Delphine had her Instagram account shut down
  • The Instagram account athlete_thedog has received the most glory for allegedly being responsible for the ban
  • Multiple screenshots show Delphine account was likely banned following a reporting campaign by Instagram users

Fans of Belle Delphine wept while others cheered after the gamer girl was banned from Instagram last week. Since the account’s removal, many have tried to claim credit for getting Delphine banned, but the athlete_thedog Instagram account has received the most glory.

Athlete_Thedog Vs Belle Delphine

Last week athlete_thedog made a post on Instagram that read, “I just deleted an account that had 4.5 million fans I’m gonna get a lot of hate rip me.” The post received almost 100,000 reactions and gained the account around 50,000 followers but did this one account really take down the infamous Belle Delphine.

Reporting Campaign

The truth is, no. While athlete_thedog did have what appears to be a real screenshot from Instagram, the account was not the only one. Rumors on social media claim a mass reporting campaign was waged against Delphine, which means a bunch of people went and reported her account with the hopes of shutting her down. A handful of other accounts have posted screenshots of the same notification letting them know Delphine’s account was removed after they reported her.

In a reddit thread titled “This absolute madlad known as “athlete_thedog” on Instagram SINGLEHANDEDLY got Bell Delphine removed,” there are claims that thousands of people received the exact same notification, which would match the claims of a mass reporting campaign against Delphine. It is doubtful that one person was responsible for ending Delphine’s reign of terror on Instagram.

Delphine’s Instagram was lewd and pushed boundaries, but she did not post any nudity. While her provocative images most likely played a part in her account getting banned, the ban could also be related to some of her recent antics on Instagram. In specific, using the platform to promote selling her bath water to her fans. Overall, it does not appear one account can take the credit for getting Delphine blocked from Instagram. This was either the doing of a group of people trying to ban her or Delphine breaking Instagram Community Guidelines.


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