• A viral Facebook post from Natán Rebelde showed the Antique Corral in Cortez, Colorado selling racist replica items
  • Rebelde claimed the owner Cheryl Dean refused to stop selling the racist items and even said she would order more once they sold out
  • After going viral Dean made a post thanking Facebook users for the advertisement and claimed to have sold all the racist items
  • Reviews of the Antique Corral show a long history of complaints of Dean overpricing items and treating customers extremely rudely

A viral Facebook post is calling for a boycott of the Antique Corral in Cortez, Colorado after the owner Cheryl Dean told a customer she would not stop selling replica racist items. Dean allegedly told the customer she would continue to stock the anti-black memorabilia once her current stock sold.

Antique Corral In Cortez Colorado

Natán Rebelde uploaded three pictures to his Facebook on Wednesday. The pictures showed a collection of anti-black signs that read “PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL WHITE ONLY,” “WE SERVE COLORED CARRY OUT ONLY,” and “COLORED SEATED IN REAR.” A third picture showed a collection of “blackface” figurines.

Antique Corral

Rebelde explained that he waited 45 minutes to speak with Dean to ask her to remove the items from her store. At this time Rebelde was under the impression the items were antiques. Dean refused to remove the items from the store and allegedly told Rebelde she would order more once her current stock sold out. It was at that point Rebelde realized not only were the items not antiques but Dean was making the conscious decision to sell them in her store.

“These items are not antiques but are replicas that she has specifically bought new to stock,” Rebelde writes in his post that has been shared over 700 times. Rebelde asked Dean if she would sell a swastika in her store, to which she allegedly replied she already has. Rebelde ended the post by sharing the Antique Corral’s contact information and requesting Facebook users to inform Dean that “this is unacceptable in our community.”

Cheryl Dean Claims To Have Sold Her Racist Items

Hours after Rebelde’s post went viral, Dean made a post to the Antique Corral Facebook page claiming she had sold all the racist merchandise in the store thanks to “all the advertising.” Dean went on to write there would be “no more response to any negative comments. All have been reported for harassment. Thanks again.”

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A History Of Overcharging And Rude Service

According to the Antique Corral website, Dean has been the proprietor since 2006. While Dean is just now getting viral attention, a look through Google reviews shows a long history of customers claiming the store is overpriced and receiving extremely rude service. Dean is quick to comment back on any negative reviews towards the Antique Corral.

Antique Corral

Since going viral, the Antique Corral’s review sections on Google, Facebook and Yelp have been bombarded with negative reviews bashing the store for selling the racist merchandise. Chances are, as the post continues to be shared, the negative reviews will continue to flood the Antique Corral.



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