• At least two different videos captured antimasker Reed Bender being removed from a school board meeting on Monday
  • Police were called after Bender refused to comply with the mask mandate at the Mitchell School Board meeting
  • At one point an officer threatened to use his taser on Bender before he was removed from the meeting but an arrest was not made

At least two different cellphones recorded the moment antimasker Reed Bender was was removed from a school board meeting by police for refusing to wear a mask on Monday night.

Police identified Bender after removing him from the Mitchell School Board meeting for refusing to follow a mask mandate issued in July. Two different videos have come out showing the confrontation between Bender and police. Bender is a father of two and a service technician at his father’s company Bender Sewage and Drain in Mitchell.

The longer video starts with two officers walking towards Bender who is sitting in the front row. The officers tell Bender he has to leave the meeting. Bender tells the officers at one point, “You’re going to have to drag me out.” Moments later the two officers begin dragging Bender out of the meeting.

Bender resists the officers and at one point one of the officers draws his taser. “You’re really going to tase me in front of all these people,” Bender asks. The officer responds, “I really don’t want to tase you.” The officer eventually holsters his taser as another woman recording can be heard arguing on Bender’s behalf. Bender is then physically removed from the meeting.

Despite resisting officers, Bender was not arrested after being removed from the meeting. In July the board created the mask mandate which says everyone inside the school building must wear a mask. According to Mitchell School District Superintendent Joe Graves, Bender was given a “fair warning” and was offered a mask. When Bender refused the mask the board was forced to alert authorities to enforce the mask mandate.

According to the Daily Mail, Bender’s wife, Teri Jayne Bender, took to Facebook to support her husband. Teri shared a picture of the couple and in the caption wrote, “You are my everything and I love you more than I can express in words.” She ended the post with, “we got this.” Since making the post Teri’s account has been switched to private.


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