• Journalist Patrick Howley tweeted a screenshot from an Antifa Twitter account threatening to call CPS on MAGA parents
  • Howley’s tweet has received over 1,000 retweets and has spread to other social media platforms
  • There is no confirmation the claims in the tweet are true and the Antifa Twitter account has been restricted

A screenshot of a tweet from an Antifa Twitter account encourages people to call Child Protective Services on “MAGA Parents.”

What Happened

The screenshot tweeted out by journalist Patrick Howley has been retweeted over 1,000 times. In the tweet, Howley claims “Self-identified ANTIFA operatives are filing false reports on Trump-supporting parents to Child Protective Services, and encouraging others to do the same, knowing CPS is liberal.”

Howley goes on to claim “Lots of sources say this is happening,” but does not go into detail on who those sources may be. He ends the tweet saying “don’t let them say this was a joke.” The tweet almost instantly began drawing outrage and concern over the alleged threat.

Know Any MAGA Parents

According to the screenshot, the Antifa account tweeted a response with a picture of a rally for President Donald Trump. The picture read, “Know any MAGA parents? Child Services will investigate any anonymous claim even without proof child service agents tend to be liberal.” In small print at the bottom of the image it reads, “Fascist indoctrination is child abuse.”

In a response tweet the Antifa account claims to have already called the police on their neighbor for having a “Trump sign” in his front lawn. “I told the police that I think he’s abusing his daughter,” the tweet reads.

The original tweet had no responses. The Antifa Twitter account behind the tweet is currently restricted but only has 17 followers and was created in July. Most of the tweets from the account have absolutely no interactions. Howley’s account, on the other hand, has over 8,000 followers. Meaning, this tweet and the idea behind it likely would have gained minimal attention if it had not been tweeted out to Howley’s significantly larger audience. Screenshots of the Howley’s tweet has spread to Facebook and most likely other social media platforms.

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The claim that Howley has sources saying it is happening is also strange. The tweet from the Antifa account happened on September 1, at 11:58 pm. Howley made his tweet on September 3, at 7:45 am. Which means in under 48 hours Antifa members managed to make reports to CPS, social workers came out to follow up on the report, and Howley was able to confirm it is happening. The timeline sounds extremely questionable at best, especially when you consider Monday was Labor Day. Along with the questionable timeline, reports of this nature to CPS are anonymous, which raises questions about who confirmed this to Howley and how.

False calls to CPS are something that happens around the country every day. More often than not these false calls are acted upon by the agency, which leaves parents at the mercy of a broken system and overloaded system. If this is a tactic being used by feuding groups it is most likely going to be an effective one. At this time the claim can neither be confirmed or denied. As the image continues to be shared on social media platforms the chances of it happening will continue to grow.


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