• Allyson Danylko has been showing the aftermath of a brutal domestic violence incident that occurred on New Year’s Eve
  • Danylko claims following an argument, her boyfriend Nick Grewal held her captive and bit off her nose
  • Videos show the damage to Danylko’s nose, which will require reconstructive surgery scheduled for March
  • Danylko had a previous restraining order against Grewal after he had bit her shoulder and left a scar months prior to the attack on New Year’s Eve

For 24-year-old Allyson Danylko, New Year’s Eve is a night she will remember for the rest of her life. What started as a celebration of the new year at downtown Toronto nightclub, ETS, quickly spiraled into a domestic violence incident where she claims her boyfriend, 30-year-old Nick Grewal, bit off her nose.

Allyson Danylko Speaks About Her Attack On Instagram

Danylko has been documenting the aftermath of the attack on her Instagram story for the last week. In the first video, Danylko is still in the hospital with a bandage covering her nose. She pulls down the bandaid and reveals a portion of her nose is missing. “Chunk of my nose gone. Pretty fucking sick. Love my life,” Danylko says. In the next short clip, Danylko breaks down crying.

Danylko recorded another short clip showing her nose after leaving the hospital. “I got in an argument with my boyfriend yesterday after we left the club for New Year’s,” Danylko says. Danylko claims Grewal held her in his bathroom and would not let her leave. She then begins crying as she says, “he bit off my nose.” Danylko has to get a skin graft with skin from her ear since the chunk of her nose could not be found. “He either chewed it up and ate it or he flushed it down the toilet, either way, surgery has to be done.”

Allyson Danylko

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Danylko then shows her nose again as she begins crying again. She says Grewal was arrested directly after the incident after he tried running. Danylko says she already had a restraining order from when he abused her in August. The couple had apparently tried to work things out after that incident.

December 28, 2019

Danylko also uploaded to videos of the couple together at a club on December 28, 2019. In the first video, a caption on the screen reads, “Don’t forget .. if he attackes and beats you once he will again .. @commander_nic Did this to me in August and it only got worse ..learn from me and if he exhibits abusive tendencies in the begging girl gtfo of there before it’s too late !!!”

The second video shows the couple kissing and has the caption, “The look he gives you in contemplation to bite off your nose now or wait til New Years ..” At the bottom is Grewal’s Instagram handle @commander_nic. Grewal’s Instagram account bio currently reads, “2 sides 2 every… 💔.”

Grewal’s Instagram bio leads off to his YouTube channel “commanderTV.” Appparently before viciously disfiguring his girlfriend’s face, Grewall was a terrible rapper, uploading songs with no recognition for the last few years. The comment sections of his videos have turned into a place dedicated to bashing Grewal. Facebook users have been giving the same feedback on Grewal’s Facebook account where the comment sections currently remain open.

First – he was a garbage rapper and then, after biting his girlfriend’s nose off, he became a garbage human completing his transformation into GARBAGE MAN!

Snackswilson Via YouTube

Halton Regional Police Confirm Nick Grewal’s Arrest

Halton Regional Police confirmed the domestic violence call on January 1 at 6:22 a.m. at Grewal’s residence and his arrest. When police responded they found Danylko with a chunk of her nose bit off. Danylko claims she did not even realize a chunk of her nose was missing until a few hours after the attack when she looked in the mirror at the hospital. Police did not give details about the incident as they do not comment on alleged domestic abuse issues. Danylko said police dogs were not able to find the missing chunk of her nose.

It was reported that months prior Danylko got her initial restraining order against Grewal after he bit her shoulder and left a scar. “I had a restraining order against him but I’m the stupid fucking girl who took him back,” she said. “He’s the type that can manipulate and get in your head telling you he wants to grow old with you and have kids.”

Danylko’s mother, Stephanie Amora Danylko, started a Go Fund Me since her daughter will have to have reconstructive surgery in March. “Her attacker bit off her nose to the bone, causing substantial physical damage as well as mental and emotional trauma,” Stephanie wrote in the campaign’s description. Stephanie says her daughter does not have any benefits or insurance to cover her time off work. Money raised from the Go Fund Me campaign will be used to pay for her rent, bills and food. According to Stephanie, they believe Danylko will be able to return to work in May. So far the campaign has raised $3,700 of the $10,000 goal.

Allyson Danylko


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