• Alexis and Allicen Williams have grown a following on social media from speaking out against the foster care system they are currently stuck in
  • The twins were removed from their mother Dana Williams after she broke a court order giving custody to the twins’ father Aleksandar Kljaic
  • Following the order, the twins have claimed Kljac is abusive to them and Williams claims he wants to put the girls in sex trade in Croatia
  • Court records shows Kljac claims Williams is an unfit parent with erratic behavior and little to no stability to raise the children
  • Legal documents shows Williams has a history of violent criminal acts, evictions, and even defrauding the food stamps system dating back as early as 2002

Hundreds of Facebook users watched in horror as two teenage twins in foster care in New York attempted suicide on Facebook LIVE on Tuesday afternoon. Alexis and Allicen Williams were seen on the since-deleted video taking what appeared to be pills as they cried and apologized for what they were doing.

What We Know

The Williams twins have been very vocal on social media about their confusion and contempt of being in foster care. They often make posts where they say they want to go home to their “mommy,” Dana Williams, and accuse their father, Aleksandar Kljaic, of both physical and sexual abuse.

While their following is relatively small, with only a little over 2,000 followers, many of their videos uploaded to their shared Facebook account receive upwards of 20,000 views. On the live video on Tuesday where the twins attempted suicide, upwards of 400 live viewers were watching before the video was ended.

Unlike their other live videos, this one was not added to their timeline. In the video, the two girls shared a glass of water as they ate what appeared to be unknown pills. The two girls cried as they apologized to their family and explained they wanted out of foster care.

Panicked social media users began calling 911 and trying to find more information on the twins. Shortly after the live video ended, Sheena M. James posted a status tagging them saying help was on the way and to please stop calling. About an hour later, James made an update to her Facebook saying the twins were safe and receiving an evaluation.

Alexis and Allicen Williams Facebook Following

The twins began catching the eye of social media users after Kljaic filed for custody. According to Williams, Kljaic — a Croatian native who lives in New York City — wanted custody of the girls to “marry them off or otherwise expose and exploit the girls to the sex trade.” According to court documents, Kljaic was concerned Williams was not able to provide a “fit and moral environment for the minor children and had no source of income other than child support payments.”

Two videos uploaded to Facebook show the legal ramifications of Williams ignoring the court order. In one video, a CPS worker is seen speaking to the twins after coming to take them to live with their father. The twins cry and scream when they find out what is going on. During the video, the twins accuse Kljaic of abusing them and say they do not want to go live with him.

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Posted by Dana Williams on Friday, December 29, 2017

On December 29, 2017, Williams was taken into custody in Atlanta to be extradited to Mobile for charges of interfering with custody. In the video, when Williams is told the charges by an arresting officer, she responds, “That’s a fake custody agreement. That’s fake!” After trying to instruct the twins to Facebook LIVE the arrest, Williams can be heard screaming while out of the camera’s view. Williams is heard insinuating police abuse, then instructing for the video to be sent to her attorney.

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Posted by Dana Williams on Friday, December 29, 2017

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Dana Williams History Before Alexis And Allicen Williams Gained Their Facebook Following

In the two years following the court order, Williams has gained her own following as she protests what she claims to be the abuse of the Alabama family court system. Her protests outside the Strickland Youth Center made headlines in local news. An online petition to have “Judge George Brown INVESTIGATED and FIRED” has gained over 10,000 signatures. However, Williams’ past appears to include extremely concerning behavior dating back as early as 2002 when she assaulted a man with a hammer.

Kljaic has claimed Williams has a long history of drug use and erratic behavior. When asked to submit to a drug test from Alabama DHR, Williams refused. Kljaic claims Williams said she refused the drug test because she had recently used drugs with a coworker. While Williams does not appear to have a history of drug issues legally, she does have a history of erratic behavior according to legal documents.

In 2002 Williams Was Accused Of Attacking A Man With A Hammer And Box Cutter Then Lighting His Clothes On Fire

In 2002, Williams was arrested and charged after attacking a victim with a hammer and box cutter. According to a deposition acquired by discuss, Williams attacked the victim following an incident with a cell phone. The victim claimed she got out of the shower and Williams began “beating” her in the head with a hammer. The victim then says Williams burned all her clothes and caused other property damage. According to police, Williams had a hammer and a box cutter on her.

Twins In Foster Care Safe After Attempted Suicide On Facebook LIVE Hammer

In 2008 Williams Was Found Guilty Of Defrauding Food Stamps In Alabama

In 2008, Williams was found guilty for defrauding Alabama’s Food Stamps or Electronic Transfer Benefits from July 2006 through December 2006. Williams misrepresented her household income to DHR and was ordered to pay back $2,766 for her fraudulent actions.

Twins In Foster Care Safe After Attempted Suicide On Facebook LIVE Food Stamps

Williams Had At Least Two Evictions In 2011 And 2013

Kljaic also claims Williams had moved the twins to at least nine different schools and also claimed the girls were truant. Court documents claim Williams was recently evicted in 2017 and were living in a “shelter.” Discuss was able to obtain two evictions against Williams. In the 2011 eviction, Williams claims the incident was due to “miscommunication.” Williams claimed to have the money owed if she could have the “correct amount verified.”

Twins In Foster Care Safe After Attempted Suicide On Facebook LIVE  2011 Eviction

In the 2013 eviction, Williams claimed there was never a lease involved and at one point all utilities were cut off from the house.

Twins In Foster Care Safe After Attempted Suicide On Facebook LIVE 2013 Eviction

Williams Faced Terrorist Threats Charges In 2017

In 2017, Kljaic also addressed charges Williams was facing, which included terroristic threats and criminal mischief in Mobile County, along with domestic violence and harassment charges. The incident with terroristic threats stems from Williams allegedly lighting a car on fire after sending threatening messages in 2017. The car was appears to have belonged to the father of Williams’ son. The threats appear to have been made towards him and his family members. A reliable source that wished to remain anonymous told discuss Williams was caught on a nearby surveillance camera lighting the car on fire. Williams was also charged with intimidating a witness, but so far all charges related to that matter have not been pursued after the victims refused to proceed legally.

Discuss acquired several witness statements from the night the car was lit on fire and evidence of one of the threatening messages. In the message, Williams says “[redacted] disrespect me again and you will not walk this earth. As far as that girl, I will get her for this., I told you what she was d.” Included with the threatening message was a picture of Williams holding a revolver.

Twins In Foster Care Safe After Attempted Suicide On Facebook LIVE Gun Threat

It should also be noted, Williams and Kljaic have been in and out of court basically since the birth of the twins. It was not until Kljaic received custody that claims of abuse were being made. There is a chance the claims of abuse were made in order to prevent Kljaic from obtaining custody, but then backfired and placed the twins in foster care. With Williams breaking court orders and accusations of abuse against the father, this would leave the children in a state of purgatory as far as parental custody is concerned.

It would appear from Williams’ extremely volatile past, regardless of the twins knowing or agreeing, Kljiac has legitimate reasons to be concerned. Her record shows a criminal record with at least 15 years of violent behavior, with her most recent actions being in 2017. Along with her violent behavior, multiple evictions and defrauding the food stamps system in Alabama shows Williams may not be able to provide her children with the care they need. In general, Tuesday’s video from the twins shows they are the real victims of this situation, and may not know what is best for them at this time.


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