• Adolfo Gonzalez plans on holding a “massive” rally against CPS in Sacramento on October 4
  • Gonzalez currently does not have a permit for his event after internal issues with one of the original organizers
  • A Go Fund Me for $5,000 was created then deleted by Gonzalez’s online girlfriend Toni Triano
  • Screenshots show Gonzalez claims “military drones” the size of bicycles are flying over his house and he and his family’s lives are in danger
  • Gonzalez has been threatening people and harassing people about the permit and other issues and allegedly threatened to call CPS on a former organizer
  • A conversation from last year shows Gonzalez abandoned at least 8 of his children according to one of his daughters

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include domestic violence charges against the event’s organizer Adolfo Gonzalez.

Child Protective Services across the country is having major issues with overloaded caseworkers, understaffed agencies, and federal funding requirements that more often than not appear to push for the removal of children instead of offering services for families in need. Due to these issues, a small group of parents online have formed a multitude of anti-CPS groups on social media to end the wrongdoings of the broken system.

Unfortunately, not all, but a vast majority of these anti-CPS groups are more chaotic than the agencies they claim to fight against. Inside these groups it is common to find misconstrued legal advice, sovereign beliefs, and scams. Whether the parents were in the right or wrong, the trauma that comes from having a child removed makes these parents the perfect victims to prey on as desperation often overrules logic. That would appear to be the case with an upcoming rally against CPS planned for October 4, at California’s State Capitol in Sacramento.

Adolfo Gonzalez And California United

With a little under a month to go, the organization of the event is in complete disarray. The event’s main organizer, Adolfo Gonzalez claims to the public the rally is going to be a huge success with over 35 groups attending from around the state. Behind the scenes it appears his claims are anything but true. Discuss reached out to organizers of the event multiple times requesting a list of the alleged groups attending in October but received no response. Sources close to one of the original organizers claim Gonzalez has never even told them the list of groups and would change the subject when asked.

Gonzalez Currently Does Not Have A Permit For His Rally

Things only get worse from there. Gonzalez currently does not have a permit for the event. The event’s permit was in the name of former organizer Regina Molina-Staton. Molina-Staton walked away from the event after Gonzalez allegedly decided he was going to take full credit for the event. When the former organizer left the event she took with her the permit for the event. Evidence of Molina-Staton’s involvement can be seen in a screenshot of the original event on Facebook titled “Capital Protest/March For Parents Rights.” The original event had over 300 people “going or interested” but the event page was canceled when Molina-Staton and Gonzalez split. Discuss reached out to Molina-Staton but she was not available for comment at this time.

In an article from The Epoch Times, Gonzalez claimed his event has grown so big that extra security had to be called in due to a pro-CPS counter-protest. “The sheriff just called me and said we have to increase presence because there’s going to be a pro-CPS group to protest YOU guys. They said we’re going to need more sheriffs to guard you,” Gonzalez said.

Discuss spoke to the California Highway patrol who handle State Capitol Events permits and security. While CHP could not go into details about Capitol security, he assured me that there has been no talk of counter protesters and there has been nothing escalated as far as security measures go. I was told that currently Gonzalez’s permit is not even considered an active event at the Capitol due to issues with the permit. If Molina-Staton does not allow Gonzalez to use the permit by Monday, CHP will cancel it. We were pointed to the SCE website, which at this time has the permit from Gonzalez’s organization B.A.F.U. marked as pending. Three other events have been approved the same day, including a “Parents rights protest and March” scheduled for 1:00 pm. It is not clear if that event is related to Gonzalez’s event.

An Unorganized Failure At Best

After Gonzalez lost the main event page, two new event pages were created on Facebook. It is not clear why there are two event pages but it could be a result of poor communication between organizers. One event page is titled titled “California United,” which is hosted by a Bina Longoria. It is not clear what Longoria’s role in the event is. Discuss requested a comment from Longoria but were told to speak with Gonzalez who has not responded to requests. According to the California United event page only six people are going and twelve people interested.

A second event page was started by Gonzalez’s online girlfriend Toni Triano and a woman named Kathy Lester. It is not clear what Triano or Lester’s role is in the event. The event page created by the two women is titled “California United Coast to Coast.” According to the event page 25 people are going and 20 are interested.

In a comment response to another person, when asked how many people are coming, Triano responds, “The exact number? Unsure as of yet. Probably close to a couple thousand.” With just over 300 people interested in the original event, and under 100 people interested in both of the new events put together, it is not clear where Triano is getting her predicted numbers. It most likely an attempt to cover some of the chaos going on behind the scenes.

Toni Triano And The Missing Go Fund Me

Along with inner-fighting and an apparent lack of general knowledge on how to organize an event of this nature, the group also had a Go Fund Me set up requesting $5,000. The Go Fund Me was in Triano’s name and was allegedly for getting “victims” to the rally. The Go Fund Me campaign was titled “Capital Protest March For Parental Rights.” It only managed to raise $72 before being removed and $45 of that came from Triano and Gonzalez. It is not clear if Triano removed the campaign or if Go Fund Me removed it for being a fraudulent campaign.

Even though the campaign was in Triano’s name, the description section claims to have been written by Gonzalez. The description begins with, “Hi my name is Adolfo Gonzalez, the co-founder of B.A.F.U-Bay Area Families United Group.” Discuss looked into Gonzalez’s alleged organization B.A.F.U. but were not able to find anything outside of a Facebook group under the name “B.A.F.U. BAY AREA FAMILIES UNITED.” Gonzalez, Triano and a woman named Yvonne Hill are the three admins of the group. Some have found it odd that Triano is now a part of Gonzalez’s organization since the two have only been dating online for a short period and have never actually met in real life.

In the Go Fund Me description, Gonzalez claims he has “traveled up and down California advocating for families and children.” Gonzalez claims the money is to help with “gas, tickets, and flights to get everyone here that can’t afford it.” He claims 25 groups are coming, along with “major advocates, members of the media, journalists, a documentary crew, performers, and victims affected by the corruption.” Gonzalez remains vague on who any of these people are and also does not go into any detail of what benefits come from attending his rally. He claims the goal of the rally is to unite the “entire state of California” but does not seem to explain any plan of action or goals aside from “uniting” people.

In an update by Triano to the Go Fund Me Campaign just days before it was deleted she states there are “many costs associated with making sure victims are able to ATTEND.” The update asks people to donate to ensure that every victim can attend but remains vague on what victims and the actual travel costs or what accommodations are needed.

Connie Reguli And Jamie Johnson

From a source close to Gonzalez, discuss was told the Go Fund Me was allegedly to fly Triano into town, along with Jamie Johnson and Tennessee attorney Connie Reguli, two speakers at the event.

Earlier in the year, Reguli introduced convicted child molester David Shore into her family rights group on Facebook called the “Family Forward Project.” The group has over 13,000 members and is home to many with sovereign beliefs and acts as a general hub of bad legal suggestions for families in need. The group is public and conducts absolutely no background checks on the members, meaning there is no telling if a member was an abusive parent or if they were wrongfully accused. Reguli was the first to endorse Shore who had wrote a book where he confessed to molesting his handicapped daughter. It would seem Reguli did not read the book she was endorsing and instead blindly supported his book and allowed him to try to find families to hear their CPS story for a second book.

Reguli also has current legal problems of her own after housing one of her clients who ran from a Ex Parte court order. Both Reguli and her client Wendy Dawn Hancock ignored a statewide Endangered Child Alert. Hancock and her daughter were later found staying at Reguli’s residence. Both face felony charges related to custodial interference.

Johnson is a self-claimed family advocate with a lack of general knowledge of the law that has got her in trouble in the past. She does not appear to be licensed or educated in any field related to family rights. At the very least, Johnson did not know enough to conduct a proper background check on Shore but still presented him to other families and even let him use her own story in his book. In the audio messages below, Johnson can be heard defending Shore to another woman on Facebook who was weary of him. Aside from promoting a convicted child molester, Johnson has lived out the majority of her advocating through live videos to a small audience from a number of her Facebook accounts and pages.

Delusional Claims From Gonzalez

Along with having questionable speakers, Gonzalez himself has some issues that should not be ignored and should be considered a red flag. Gonzalez seems to show either a pattern of habitually lying or he is possibly suffering from delusions he believes to be true. On a Facebook post with known sovereign and family rights scam artist Francesca Amato, Gonzalez claimed over 4,000 people are now attending his rally. Again, there is no evidence anywhere close to this number of people are attending from any of the past or current social media pages related to the event. A few comments later things take a strange turn.

Gonzalez goes on to claim his rally has grown so “massive” that he and his family’s life may be in danger. With little surprise, Amato seems to back this ridiculous claim. Gonzalez claims that due to his rally and work against CPS there are now “military drones” flying outside of his house. He goes on to claim these military drones “were huge almost the size of bicycles.” Gonzalez says he called his son out who said the military drones looked like the ones from his game Fortnite. Keeping the obvious lie going, Gonzalez claims his mother went to the hospital the next morning because “it really freaked her out.” Gonzalez claims he sent video of the incident to some “high people” in case anything happens to him. He then claims, “I’m fucking up there business.”

Gonzalez Has Been Threatening Multiple People

Along with delusions and blatant lies, Gonzalez also has been threatening people. Multiple sources have stated Gonzalez allegedly began making threats while trying to get the event’s permit from Molina-Staton. One of his alleged threats was having people call CPS on her if she does not meet his demands. Oh the hypocrisy of threatening to call CPS over a permit for an anti-CPS protest.

Discuss received text messages from Gonzalez to someone close to Molina-Staton. In one message Gonzalez is seen saying “Ywill see my big shot you to fucked up you can lose your kid you look fucking crazy.” In other messages, Gonzalez passively aggressive threatens the man. Instead of him threatening to call CPS he claims 11 members of his group were threatening to call CPS over use of the permit. In the message Gonzalez writes, “I could give a fuck I ain’t going to talk anyone out of calling.”

Gonzalez has also threatened another advocate for what she claims was only correcting his lies on public forums. Gonzalez threatened to sue her and to call her work. The advocate recently found out Gonzalez did call her work. However, Gonzalez contacted her former place of employment. Discuss spoke to a total of three people that claim they are filing restraining orders against Gonzalez in the next week.

Gonzalez Has A Criminal History Of Abusing Women

Along with other serious concerns, Gonzalez also has domestic violence on his criminal record. In 1995 Gonzalez was taken to court for child support. Court records show in 1994 Gonzalez negotiated a plea deal for misdemeanor battery, dissuade a victim, and petty theft. Gonzalez was placed on two years probation, fined $100 to a battered woman’s shelter along with other fines, and forced to complete 96 hours of domestic violence counseling.

Adolfo Gonzalez 1994 Batter… by discuss on Scribd

In 2011 Gonzalez was charged with numerous violent crimes, including corporal injury on a spouse, battery on a spouse, violating a family court order and two counts of contempt of a protective order. Gonzalez once again took a plea deal for those charges as well.

Adolfo Gonzalez 2011 Violen… by discuss on Scribd

Gonzalez Abandoned His Own Children

Gonzalez claims he “started protesting after [he] got [his] son back.” He claims “CPS conspired with the mother and the police department to take my son.” Gonzalez has been praised by followers on social media for being a great father to his son, which makes the next bit of information that much more disturbing, especially when you consider he claims to be fighting for parental rights.

Over a year ago on a comment section on Facebook a conversation between Gonzalez and one of his abandoned children appears to shed more light on the man trying to unite California. Arianna Ortega claims to be one of Gonzalez’s children that he abandoned. Her first comment begins be saying, “Hello, let me introduce myself before I begin. My government name is Antigone Gonzalez and I am Aldolfo’s oldest daughter. I am the oldest of 8 or 9, maybe even 10 or 11 children.”

Gonzalez confirms Ortega is his daughter in his response. In three of his responses in a row Gonzalez repeatedly claims that he spent $18,000 on a party. Gonzalez goes on to blame the mother and Ortega for him not being in her life. Gonzalez then continues to argue his side against another family member named Patty Ortega.

Discuss made numerous attempts to contact Gonzalez but our requests went ignored.


  1. Meko Haze #FAKENEWS He used to advocate for FAMILIES he knows cps is broken. We don’t answer to Haze …. Many bad STORIES on Haze he hurt MANY people! Adolfo sadly had to defend himself ! His personal life is just that two sides to every story. PLEASE join our Rally as “WE THE PEOPLE” our fight is against GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT AND REACH. . WE BAFU care ABOUT families. Thank you! This is Sabatoge

    • I was never an advocate. And regardless of what I ever did I would never condone listening to a man with domestic violence that abandoned his own children let alone say he should be the voice of a music. From the texts I have of him trying to threaten me and cuss me out right now and I have to ask, how is the guy that cannot spell and clearly does not understand the law going to fix a broken system? But then again you are the same woman that threatened a “ceast and desist” on Facebook lol

  2. Oh Meko, you are so weak you are just trying to sabotage and you can’t! And spelling really, who cares Adolfo has a huge heart, and has put a lot in to this we only want to expose cps and what they are doing to families. Which as I said you know all about it because you USED TO HELP CONNIE REGUL THE SWAABS JENNIFER WINN, AND now look you talk bad about them, what happened MEKO they all found out you are a fraud and a liar! GOOD LUCK SLANDERING PEOPLE IT WILL BITE YOU BACK! GOD IS WITH US

    • You want to know what happened? Connie Reguli endorsed David Shore who molested his own handicapped daughter when she was a child. He was convicted. His appeal was denied. He admitted to it in the book Connie endorsed to all the people in Family Forward Project. When that happened, I said something because I do not blindly follow someone who invites child molesters into what they are doing. Both Jenn and Connie did not like that I publicly called her out after she tried to ignore the situation. Unlike you, I do not condone whatever behavior as long as the person agrees with my bullshit cause.


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