• The shootings began after the suspect was pulled over Midland, Texas for a reason not known at this time
  • The suspect ditched his vehicle and drove west towards Odessa, Texas while shooting at random at other drivers and pedestrians
  • Police exchanged gunfire with the suspect outside the Cinergy movie theater where he was killed
  • Currently police do not believe there was a second suspect involved as initially thought

At least five people are dead and another 21 are injured following an active shooting situation that began in Midland, Texas and ended in Odessa, Texas.

What Happened

According to the Odessa Chief of Police Michael Gerke, the shootings began during a traffic stop. A white male in his thirties opened fire on officers after he was pulled over at around 3:14 pm in Midland on Saturday. The suspect then continued driving west in his vehicle towards Odessa.

The suspect ditched his vehicle and hijacked a postal truck and continued towards Odessa. He drove down Interstate 20 and Highway 191, which connects Midland and Odessa while shooting at randoms at drivers and pedestrians. The suspect was eventually killed outside the Cinergy movie theater in Odessa, Texas.

Police Do Not Believe There Is A Second Shooter At This Time

Both Odessa and Midland were placed on lockdown as the shootings occurred. The suspect has not been positively identified as of yet. Gerke was not sure what the initial traffic stop was for. It was initially believed there were possibly two shooters, but police now believe there was only one suspect. According to Gerke, the police are still receiving calls about shootings, but those appear to be due to the community being on edge.

Since the suspect was killed at the Cinergy movie theater there have been no other confirmed shootings. Gerke did say there was confusion earlier that led police to believe there were two vehicles involved in the shootings. It is now believed that confusion was due to the shooter switching from his vehicle to the postal truck.



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