Monday, January 25, 2021

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Antimasker Reed Bender Removed From School Board Meeting By Police

Antimasker Reed Bender
At least two different cellphones recorded the moment antimasker Reed Bender was was removed from a school board meeting by police.

Amber Lynn Gilles Hillariously Fails Calling Out A Starbucks Employee

Amber Lynn Gilles
After trying to shame a Starbucks employee, Amber Lynn Gilles recently discovered Internet justice does not always go as planned.

MDOC Statements On COVID-19 Conflicts With Prisoner Claims

However, MDOC statements related to COVID-19 conflicts with prisoner claims, another trend within Mississippi's prison system.

Facebook Users Are Locked Out Of Their Accounts For No Reason

Facebook Users Locked Out
Facebook users are locked out of their accounts without any reason from the company's latest screw up since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

A Day In The Life Of An ER Doctor In New York During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Dr. Craig Spencer decided to give Twitter users a glance into the daily life of an ER doctor in New York during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Rep Ted Lieu Claims LA Fire Department Is Low On Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment
Ted Lieu claimed in a tweet that the Los Angeles County Fire Department is low on personal protective equipment for COVID-19 cases.

Study Examines The Psychological Impact Of A COVID-19 Quarantine

COVID-19 Quarantine
The possibility of a COVID-19 quarantine has become a reality for countless people around the world as tje illness continues to spread.

Video Shows Three Children Placed In One Body Bag In Wuhan Hospital

Body Bag In Wuhan
The chilling video shows three deceased children being placed in one body bag in Wuhan, China leading to more concerns over China's honesty.