Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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General Michael Flynn Made An Oath To QAnon On The Fourth Of July

With QAnon growing it is no surprise that General Michael Flynn and others are trying to pander to this growing conspiracy audience.

Another Kidnapping Linked To The Sovereign Law Group E-Clause And QAnon

Sovereign Law Group E-Clause
Neely Blanchard was arrested on Thursday morning for breaking a custody order and kidnapping links back to sovereign law group E-Clause.

QAnon Falsely Claims Oprah Winfrey Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking

Oprah Winfrey Arrested
Member of QAnon falsely claimed Oprah Winfrey was arrested for child sex trafficking and news of the fictitious arrest trended on Twitter.

QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Liz Crokin Claims Tom Hanks Is Part Of Pizzagate

Liz Crokin
The bizarre cult-like mindset of the more extreme QAnon conspiracy theorists has given a growing platform to YouTuber Liz Crokin.

Daughter Claims Mom Planned To Kidnap Child With Members Of QAnon

An arrest affidavit claims Cynthia Abcug had planned to kidnap her child from his foster family with rogue members of conspiracy group QAnon.

Meet The Woman Abusing QAnon YouTube Preacher Daniel John Lee

Daniel John Lee
Daniel John Lee is a self-declared pastor who preaches hate speech built around his twisted perception of religionLee's beliefs are so twisted that a judge ruled he is not able to teach any of his six children religionIn his videos, Lee shares...

FBI Labels QAnon And Conspiracy Groups As Domestic Terror Threat

The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers some members of QAnon and other conspiracy groups to be a possible domestic terrorism threat.

Rick And Morty’s Dan Harmon Under Fire Again For His Baby Rape Skit “Daryl”

Dan Harmon
"Rick and Morty" co-creator Dan Harmon is under fire once again for an old skit where he portrayed a therapist who was also a baby rapist.

Fact Check: Did Timothy Charles Holmseth Help Take Down Jeffrey Epstein

A darker conspiracy claims there is an underground war to rescue children. At the center of the conspiracy is Timothy Charles Holmseth

Conspiracy Theorist Tries To Ram USNS Mercy With A Locomotive

USNS Mercy Locomotive
The Department of Justice announced that an apparent conspiracy theorist attempted to ram the USNS Mercy with a locomotive.