Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Online Conspiracy Theorist Field McConnell Ordered Offline

Field McConnell Ordered Offline
McConnell was extradited to Broward County after violating a protection order placed against him on behalf of a Florida attorney.

Fact Check: Did Timothy Charles Holmseth Help Take Down Jeffrey Epstein

A darker conspiracy claims there is an underground war to rescue children. At the center of the conspiracy is Timothy Charles Holmseth

Another Kidnapping Linked To The Sovereign Law Group E-Clause And QAnon

Sovereign Law Group E-Clause
Neely Blanchard was arrested on Thursday morning for breaking a custody order and kidnapping links back to sovereign law group E-Clause.

Custody Order Against Sarah Dunklin Claims There Is A Federal Investigation Into CPS Fraud Groups

Sarah Dunklin
An emergency custody order filed against Sarah Dunklin" claims she is under investigation for her role in deceiving CPS victims.

Arlena Willes’ Advocate Crystal Nuttle Helped Kidnap A Child From DCS

Crystal Nuttle
Following Arlena Willes' most recent arrest, a woman by the name of Crystal Nuttle has filled the role of being her advocate.

Self-Proclaimed Journalist Shara Michelle Ignores A Grieving Mother’s Request

Journalist Shara Michelle
Following the woman's death, self-acclaimed journalist Shara Michelle decided to "cover" the story via her non-existent media outlet.

Cynthia Abcug’s Conspiracy To Kidnap Case Gagged By The Judge

Conspiracy To Kidnap
A Colorado judge has suppressed the conspiracy to commit kidnapping case against Cynthia Abcug in Parker, Colorado with members of QAnon.

FBI and Kalispell Police Arrest CPS Mother Cynthia Abcug For Kidnapping

Cynthia Abcug
The Kalispell Police Department arrested Cynthia Abcug who is wanted for second-degree kidnapping and conspiracy in Douglas County, Colorado.

Meet The Woman Abusing QAnon YouTube Preacher Daniel John Lee

Daniel John Lee
Daniel John Lee is a self-declared pastor who preaches hate speech built around his twisted perception of religionLee's beliefs are so twisted that a judge ruled he is not able to teach any of his six children religionIn his videos, Lee shares...

Sovereign Scam: David Jose Falsely Claims Trump Is Taking Down CPS

Known sovereign movement and get rich quick scam artist David Josecontinues to make claims related returning children in CPS to their parents.